The space rock was coming closer and closer! Unexplainable things. Within that darkness, there can be light, if given the chance. A single, small choice exposes him to a sinister force, and its all downhill from there. His attention drags back to the hero as Aizawa nods slightly to him,"Hey, kid.". Izuku Midoriya was not like your average six year old child, he had dark green hair, emerald green eyes, lightly pale skin, and a very small amount of freckles dotted his face. Izuku was born with a quirk. Tv Characters With Social Anxiety, The ultimate low would finally come one innocuous day in Izukus final year of junior high, when his former childhood friend-turned-tormentor destroyed one of his notebooks, and told him to kill himself. Okay, my question has something to do with something specific about Izuku that he had since the beginning, his green hair. ", His gaze shifts to the giant hand of Mount Lady holding on to the meteor for a second "Well, stranger than it already was. another AU Any fanfics where EVERYONE is curious/suspicious about Izuku using Black Whip and want proper answers Because Izuku's explanation was the most half assed poor excuse I have ever heard and this should really be the moment where everyone who isn't All Might, Katsuki or whoever else knows the secret to find out the truth about Izuku's quirk. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. as well as But I'm wondering, IF he does have a Quirk, wether it has manifested when he needed to be saved from the villain, or if it actually manifested when he was four and it just wasn't noticed." Can you hear me!? With her costume shredded, Ochaco looks like she has been put through the wringer, but she has come out the other side. 3 year-old Izuku Midoriya promises his best friend to manifest a strong Quirk and become heroes together.In this universe, both boys keep their end of the promise, with Izuku manifesting what initially seems to be a healing factor Quirk. (League of No Dad's). The only problem is, Izuku has something to hide. Phasmophobia:A persistent fear of ghosts. Sighing as he stood up from his seat, izuku stared at the giant thief with a calculating gaze, his head and arms ignited into an emerald flame that removed his skun and muscle from his skull, leaving his neck cracked like molten rock. All Might, please, I need to know! Perhaps she had experience with freaking out teens? The meteor was originally moving at a slow rate and away from earth. Worthless Necessity [Boku no Hero Academia] [ShinDeku], Bakugou Katsuki Midoriya Izuku are Best Friends, My Little Pony Generation 4: Friendship Is Magic, Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash And Pinkie Pie Are From Equestria, Midoriya Izuku Works With The Underground Heroes As A Quirk Analyst, All Quirks Hero: Multapower {OC x Various}, Sparks and Flames(Bakugou x Izuku's twin sister), The third quirk: Nahida, master of Wonder Land, Quirk- Titan (A BNHA Annie Redemption Story). "Izuku, that's" The boy turns to her with a face splitting grin, "Astronomical objects kinesis. Poltergeist and Ifrit are a duo of vigilantes operating mainly at night in Musutafu. Either way, its starting to get concerning. Izuku is a nice, patient person. 15. 11. 8. Of course, none can outdo the twin powers of All For One and One For All. He'll do what's best for his son, even if that means a divorce. Can't stand it here anymore. All Might, please, I need to know! Now he is teamed up with his ex-frie. Please don- Even All Might doesnt believe in me!, Just fucking throw yourself off a roof, useless Deku! The small, green lady turned her gaze but didn't let go. Izuku pulled his shoes off his feet, and placed them to one side. ( A MHA Various x Male Reader) He will make a family of his own. "Tsukauchi! . Another important note is that this is a crossover between one of my other works that will be published later for context. Everything he thought he knew about the world is about to change because there are monsters lurking in the dark below. Izuku pulled his shoes off his feet, and placed them to one side. Or: Izuku destroying Endeavour and the Commission while everyone else runs around like head-less chickens. "My son has had to live knowing the rot of this world because of his status. To save people and let free the vengeance his soul needs so desperately.He may be doing it side by side with his murderer, but then again, he's heard of weirder things happening. Trigger Warnings are apparent when reading the tags and archive warnings. It'll mostly be crossovers with some other ideas put in. Nedzu doesnt know what else to do. They both nod although the woman narrows her eyes in suspicion at the question. [how exactly did I ended up writing this as a comedy is beyond me]. A story in which Izuku follows Bakugo's advice, triggering his quirk in the process. However, he ends up developing a quirk due to a life and death situation. "Young boy! "Denki messed with merch and now is traumatized. Usually it's just a little bit, but with how horrifically terrified Shouto is of his dad, he has now been resorted to being terrified of any father figure. Are you all right? Everything. Normal people have superpowers, Heroes and Villains are constantly fighting for control. "Miss Midoriya? ps: some of them are brief and short, while other have more content. ", He can see the second of the realisation. In another world he might have been, but in this world he wasn't. I will not let you abuse of his desperation and mock him with false hope built on half baked theories. Looking down, he could see that it was quite a long drop to the road below. He was constantly put down for it, at every turn of his life. He has a loving parent, and his quirk finally came in! So he decides to share it with only those who wish to do good. Relatives/family: None Protecting the leader from a sudden attack, Katsuki earns the trust of the alpha. It's a weird Quirk, and kind of a pain in the ass. . Midoriya Izuku was an odd child. Because angsting about volatile touch activated powers in a setting that's full of volatile touch activated powers is stupid. Izuku has a ghost quirk. However, as Deku comes to learn, he is worthy to be so much more. Ten years ago, scientists started noticing the Moon's rapid approach. Soon enough, the cloud started fading and the Hero could see the silhouette of a young boy coughing violently, almost retching, crouched on the ground. However, he ends up developing a quirk due to a life and death situation. As for Izuku's Quirk, it functions this way: There is a very wide and very far away 'ring' where he can grab objects with his telekinesis. Forget I'm a journalist and even your breathing.". 18. 15. Things exist beyond anyone's wildest dreams, here. as well as Alright, you've heard this a few time over, but lets do this one last time. Three things that he would never dream of (On hold) 35. Tsukauchi called out. 23. His childhood bestfriend Kasumi Bakugo knew this. Obviously, Ocacho does not have One For All in the canon, but we do know the power can be shared under specific circumstances. The boy rose a hand as in to say 'Wait' and his coughing slowed eventually after another two retches. Izuku will be okay. ), All Might could hear some very harsh coughing. Maybe also tv show logic. 4. Now he is teamed up with his ex-frie. This means that he'd be applying movie logic to every situation. A story about redemption, lesser evils, and true love. Ill let the security of this building know youre up here.. In which Tokoyami isn't as human as he thought and Dark Shadow worries about their Fumi. Your secret is safe, Yagi san. Izuku was already crying, his hopes of finally being accepted by his childhood friend being shattered in front of his eyes. Ascension When you take on the burden o Albrecht Ludwig has always had such thick skin but can he put it to use? Tsukauchi smiles knowingly. It's like Todoroki's white and red hair, it's unnatural. Practical Upgrade He wasnt hyperventilating anymore. It's Showtime! Come on, calm down, take a deep breath, we're not monsters, we're not going to question you if you're freaking out that much. 12. We'd like to take you back to the station so we can discuss in a more peaceful and less stressful environement if that's alright with you. Except not because something did 'SMASH' and this time it wasn't his fist. By Megan Peters Now he has a feral, and protective hybrid following his every move. by the name of Midoriya Izuku by day. Hes finally, finally, away from his past, and can make new, genuine connections. Wait! Youre talented in many things and you pick up skills easily. It's like Todoroki's white and red hair, it's unnatural. Until he gets a little to ambitious and well. Lets keep up hope!, How can I, Mum? How is he going to get away now?Might as well wait out out car ride, this hoodie is soft as fuck. Izuku died and came back. It's surprising that you'd be called for this kind situation Not that I'm unhappy to see you here. And what if the events following the summer camp finally brought that to a head? Miraculously, the boy calmed down in front of the surprisingly capable lady. 'Ah, so that was his name.' When baby Izuku is offered as a human sacrifice to the eldritch deity All for One, it turns out that All for One thinks this child belongs to you means new son. All for One has no idea how to keep a mortal child alive, so he recruits his human-loving brother for help. The specialist responsible for the diagnosis, however, has been taken to court although the amount of the charges he faces have yet to be known. "HEY YOU TWO OVER THERE! ", "-And it turns out that the two recent meteor incidents, the first one on thursday afternoon in downtown Musutafu and the second one on Dagobah Beach in the evening of the same day in the same town were in fact linked not only in location and date! and she slams the door behind her. The new pro hero Miruko was doing a usual patrol down the streets of Musutafu when she runs into Midoriya Izuku. I thought it was just meteor attraction but it's Space ranged telekinesis, Mom!" But Izuku has a secret - All Might is his Hero too. The only problem? Tv Characters With Social Anxiety, All of them don't have a combat-based quirk and yet are able to do superhuman feats. "Is this a prop or something?" The art imagines a world where Ochaco was given One For All, and it is safe to say she rocks the fierce look. It'll mostly be crossovers with some other ideas put in. When Izuku finally managed to pull himself together and trudge home, he was attacked by a villain made up of foul-smelling slime in an underpass that hardly anyone used. Within that darkness, there can be light, if given the chance. The place to come for fanfiction that takes place in or uses characters from the Boku no Hero Academia manga & anime. A fanfic where Izuku has a full counter quirk Basically, its a quirk where whenever Izuku fights someone, he receives a quirk that's designed directly to counter theirs. Izuku beamed at his parents as he worked to control both of his Quirks. But right now, what he really regretted was testing out his Quirk without having thought it through beforehand. I gaze at the dark night sky, blinking as the stars wink at me. - April 25, 2023 02:49 pm EDT. An AU where class 1-A and friends are grown up, but Izuku Midoriya never joined UA. Simple as that. What a wild day to be alive. All while dealing with issues as diverse as magic, accidental loss of humanity, sanity damage, fates worse than death and the fact that he seems to be a walking magnet for trouble. I feel like I'm going insane TV crews. All Might asked. He'll do what's best for his son, even if that means a divorce. papaaizawa izukuxfemshinso izuku +12 more # 7 All For Me (Abandoned) (Available. 29. (Sometimes he thinks that his shadows know this, because they tend to trace up his arms, around his ribs, inside and out, winding around and around until he almost feels dizzy with it except it helps, a chill and a steadiness that keeps him grounded, reminds him that he is not alone anymore. Until All-fucking-Might of all people showed up and eviscerated the villain with one overpowered punch. Aizawa decided to write a list of rules for 1-A. But that's okay! But who needs Kneecaps when you can have a Tea Smoothie. The stronger the Quirk gets, the wider the ring gets (have you ever tried exagerating the width of a circle in U.A. I have a few theories why this is; All For One stole Izuku's quirk and had his doctor tell him he was quirkless, the base human in this universe is still more advanced than the humans in ours, or Izuku does have a quirk but it's "dormant" and he was . And what better place to teach him than hero school U.A.? Rebooting- However, a chance meeting with someone would grant him power like no other. And apparently, he was unconsciously pulling on the moon ever since he manifested his Quirk! ( The cover is not mine credits to the rightful owner), Deku, Shigaraki, Toga, and Dabi get captured and are forced to attend U.A to become heroes. Sure, it was a bit late, but who cares? "Good morning Aizawa-sensei," he greets, managing to keep the tremble out of his tone, the curl out of his lip, at the honorific. Of course, the heroes have to be trained to fight, and that's where Hero Schools come in.Things exist beyond anyone's wildest fantasies, here. IS THIS WHERE THE METEOR CRASHED?". She nodded in aknowledgement. Being called a villain for 10 years gets to you, after all, and quirk culture was as toxic as dioxin in his eyes. And in that instant, what had been the most beautiful gift that had been bestowed upon his hands became a curse with a meaning that made him wish he was truly Quirkless. What if he has something similar, or maybe a quirk that can't activate until he meets certain conditions, something like a quirk that lets him copy quirks by drinking blood but since he's never drank blood he doesn't know. M-Midoriya Izuku." High School, Quirkless Discrimination (My Hero Academia), Avatar Izuku: I have too much time and need to be put down, Yoichi | First One For All User (My Hero Academia), Second One For All User (My Hero Academia), Third One For All User (My Hero Academia), Sixth One for All User (My Hero Academia), Parental Past One For All Users (My Hero Academia), One For All Quirk is Revealed (My Hero Academia).
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