It used to be basketball. - back in 2006. Be the first one to comment on this story. Ironically enough, the two are now teammates for the LA Lakers and best buds. But every now and then, he does something so blatantly obvious that theres no question how dirty the play was. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Like the prolific slugger on your rival baseball squad, the late-sliding tackler on the soccer pitch, the guy in the NFL who likes to lay hits after the whistle blows, or the NHL enforcers who rack up more penalties than points. Fighting will never help your team like it can in hockey, it will only hurt them. Bryant has many highlights of cheap shots for which, he should be held more accountable. Continue with Recommended Cookies, Last updated on May 8th, 2022 at 11:11 am. Apart from being named the most valuable player in the NBA on two separate occasions, Karl Malone was also A 14 times all-star. Theres a difference between competitive and just plain dirty. I am not saying that these guys need to lower their intensity or love the game any less, these are just the guys by today's standards that qualify as being "dirty" players. The top NBA gambling sites offer all sorts of props, including markets on fouls and ejections, so why dont you check them out? In his 18-year NBA career, Karl Malone was a member off the Utah Jazz franchise, since his rookie year 2 the end of his NBA career. Poor Laettner. Pippen was absolutely ubiquitous on the court and he was as fierce a wing defender as there was in the league. Chris Paul There arent too many Again, I point to the Jerry Sloan School of Dirty Play. That comes out to 39 percent more than the second best ever. One footballer may be a horrible tackler while another likes diving. Thanks to Draymond Greens dirty play, well never know if the Warriors would have won Game 5 had he been on the court. The "X-Man" had a 13-year NBA career with Seattle, Phoenix, New York, Boston, and New Jersey. Here's a fun game. Widely remembered for coining the phrase Ball Dont Lie, Rasheed Wallace was undoubtedly one of the top names in the NBA during his playing days. Metta World Peace hardly even needs an explanation, does he? He also led the NBA in flagrant fouls in both 2011-12 and 2012-13, and was second in that category last season. Remember, this is a guy who admitted to stepping on a player's chest in college, and he picked up where he left off once he began his pro career. He's certainly not the gentleman on the basketball court that his father was on the tennis court. Web1. Let's put it this way. DeMarcus Cousins is certainly one of the biggest whiners in the NBA but dirty might not come to mind when Cousins name is brought up. The usually calm and collected Curry was incensed many times because of Dellys tough brand of defense, which included physicality beyond normal means. Some. I consider Chris Paul to be one of the dirty NBA players because hes the king of groin shots. Kevin Garnett fights with Dwight Howard After all, every weekend they enter our TV screens and put on entertaining performances that we all love to watch. As Artest revealed in the Netflix documentary, he was already going through therapy to deal with his behavior issues. Noah plays extremely hard and you could even make the case that he plays harder than anyone else in the league. WebThe Top 25 Players in the NBA in 2021-22 Ranking the very best the league has to offer as the season nears its conclusion By The Ringer Staff Mar 9, 2022, 6:30am EST #4 Kevin Garnett. In college, while playing for the Duke Blue Devils, Allen also had a reputation for being a dirty player. Speaking of dirty Celtics there is probably no one else in the NBA that talks smack as fervently as Garnett. It's about doing little, bothersome things to gain position, and get steals or get an opponent off his game. He has amassed a whopping 52 technical fouls over the last seven seasons with the Clippers, Lakers, Magic, Suns, and Warriors. Popularly known as the worm, Dennis Rodman Is widely known for his extraordinary defensive and rebounding ability. Many people believe that Bruce Bowen was going to become a journeyman athlete. During his NBA career, Dennis Rodman played for a number of teams including the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, LA Lakers Dallas Mavericks, and the San Antonio Spurs. Kevin Garnett. Hedidn't throw the first punch in the fight, Kunnert did. The punch was delivered in the middle of a brawl with Tomjanovich running at Washington. Washington will forever be linked with Tomjonavich for that reason. After playing for the Boston Celtics for one year Bruce Bowen will ultimately switch teams and join the Philadelphia 76ers before having a brief stint with the Chicago Bulls. He wasn't just dirty physically, he wascerebrallydirty. The fact that he often gets away with it makes him even more irritating.. Virtually nothing was sacred to Garnett, who intimidated opponents night in and night out with his words and actions at the same time. WebAfter LeBron James was ejected from the Lakers-Pistons game for elbowing Isaiah Stewart, a Reddit thread went viral for cataloguing LeBron's dirtiest plays. Allen is a perfect example of an NBA villain, and we can expect more nasty plays from him in the future. Instead, he says almost anything to try and intimidate his opponents. Noah plays hard as heck. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Fans of Matthew Dellavedova say that hes a scrappy player who shows a lot of energy and enthusiasm. But he's more than just a big mouth. Wonder if the league office will have something to say about it tomorrow. He's been suspended 13 times for taking cheap shots. Giannis and Embiid absolutely are dirty players. He had over 11,000 boards, and virtually every time he went up for one he was hitting someone, so that's a conservative estimate. Who is Michael Jordan? Tim Duncan is arguably the greatest power forward in the history of the game. Maybe it's because people keep mispronouncing his first name. 25. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. JOS LUIS MARTNEZ. Unlike today, the NBA was less strict in the 90s and 80s and thus many of the antics used by the Detroit Pistons often went unpunished. Perhaps the most iconic photo of Mahorn is with his mouth open shouting just inches away from an NBA referee's face. He has two rings. If you want a list of the league's dirtiest players it's going to look very similar to a list of its best defensive players. Who knows? Where he truly excelled though was hiding contact when he was guarding the perimeter. Last month, a video that went viral showed Scalabrine being challenged at a gym by an overeager high schooler in Taunton, Mass. However, its not the only time Olynyk has played dirty. Dennis Rodman was a member of two of the dirtiest teams in his NBA tenure, and by golly, he was a big part of the reason for their dirtiness. Like Draymond Green, the Big Ticket was known to target an opposing players balls, too. Consider how he caused Russell Westbrooks torn meniscus injury in the 2013 NBA playoffs, whether intentionally or unintentionally, by going after the knees of the former Oklahoma City Thunder guard. With Barnes, the statistics don't lie. During his early years in the NBA, Kevin Garnett was undoubtedly one of the nicest players in the league. No one embellishes contact quite like Pierce. Oh, yes - Kobe isa talented player for the Lakers, but he is also more than a little dirty. Despite being a physical specimen Karl Malone had one Lethal Weapon in his Arsenal, his elbow. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is the chronic mean little brother who knows that he's protected by his big brothers. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. This list is more about who is good at being dirty than it is a recounting of the hardest fouls or most famous violent instances in NBA history. Every sport has its heroes and fan favorites. Despite being part of various controversial plays in the NBA Ron Artest will best be remembered for his part in the Malice at the Palace incidents. WebHe looks like your average Joe but Aussie sharpshooter Joe Ingles is possibly the NBAs dirtiest player. 2021 Thats a horrific history of repeat offence from dangerous plays. Isiah Thomas is one of the greatest point guards in the history of the NBA and in large part it's because he was one of the dirtiest players. He wasn't too subtle about it either which is why he is the NBA's all-time leader in technical fouls with 304. The kick out became such a problem in the league that officials eventually had to ban it. In what is without question the single most monumental flop in the history of the game Pierce was literally carried off the court after feigning injury, and then wheeled to the locker room. It hasn't been confirmed, but Malone's elbows were reportedly listed by authorities as deadly weapons. Bryant is sly and isnt often called for fouls and that is why he doesnt have a "dirty" reputation. In 2017, he performed a similar arm bar on Robin Lopez of the Chicago Bulls, although Lopez was able to avoid a major injury. He noted that he has never injured anyone even though he may foul hard or set hard screens. Great defense is knowing how to get away with being dirty. Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul are merely learningwhat Stockton mastered. 6) Zaza Pachulia. So how do you compare them? Hes notorious for his unnecessary aggressiveness, which often causes a major stir among NBA fans. They just argued about whether it was acceptable to tell the truth. The omission of earlier players is because it's just hard to know who should and shouldn't have been included. He went on to say that only when an international player such as his friend Delly injures someone that it is considered a dirty play. Please logout and login again. June 7, 2015: LeBron James' 39-PT triple-double and Matthew Dellavedova's notable defense to hold Steph Curry to 5-23 FG led Cleveland to a memorable Game 2 NBA Finals victory over the Warriors in the 2nd consecutive OT game of the series Barnes was heated because Fisher was dating his ex. (Heck, Raja Bell isn't even on this list and I can guarantee I'll get "Where's Raja Bell?" It's just too bad that he retired from basketball the season before his final team, the Miami Heat, won its first NBA title. He wasn't exactly the quickest player in league history. Malone is the epitome of what I mean when I say the aggregate of little cheap shots greatly exceeds the big cheap shot. Despite being an elite Defender Dennis Rodman in various locations did let his emotions get the best of him. Although Green received heavy backlash for his antics, he proceeded to take shots at LeBron James groin during the NBA Finals. Another "maddeningly annoying" point guard, Stockton got under the skin of so many of his opponents by scratching, clawing, hip-checking, and elbowing them. He was 180 pounds but he played like he was 240 pounds. On the other hand he pushes a lot, and having the physique of a seven-footMichelangelostatue, that's a strong man to be shoving you around. One of the incidents the gives him the label as a dirty player is the fact that he punched Blake Griffin in the crotch. However, there are more. Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks 04/19/2023 NBA Odds and Prediction, New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgers 04/17/2023 MLB Preview and Prediction, Minnesota Twins vs New York Yankees 04/14/2023 MLB Preview and Prediction, OKC Thunder vs New Orleans Pelicans 04/12/2023 NBA Play-in Tournament Odds and Prediction, Atlanta Hawks vs Miami Heat 04/11/2023 NBA Play-in Tournament Odds and Pick, OKC Thunder vs Utah Jazz 04/06/2023 NBA Odds and Prediction, Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Yankees 04/05/2023 MLB Odds, Preview, and Prediction, San Diego State Aztecs vs Connecticut Huskies NCAA Mens Basketball Championship Game, 2023 NBA Championship Odds, Preview, and Prediction at the All-Star Break. His most famous 'ball-hitting' incident may have been in Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals, when he hit LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the crown jewels. He also plays dirty. The Spaniard is one of the most decorated players in the game's history, having won nearly every trophy and honour. The most notable example was his karate kick against Bradley Beal in 2016. Stockton was both a flopper and a fouler. However, looking back at history many of the NBA players on this list had it quite rough growing up and thus were always in survival mode even when drafted into the NBA. Here are the 25 NBA players who have built their careers on playing dirty. Way before players were handed out technicals for salsa dancing on the court, we had an era in the NBA where players could trade punches and kicks without any serious repercussions. Then on the offensive end he manages to make any and every slight brush of contact look like he just got blown out of a cannon. That's because that in 2010, he was voted as the league's dirtiest player by NBA players He averaged 13.1 rebounds per game over the course of his career, the most of any player in the three-point era. This could be widely attributed to the many seasons and games that he lost as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves. The foul by Marc Gasol makes for an easy distraction from the hit on Ayton. He just gets away with it because of his star status. Thomas uses his body to moveopponentsaround, not to move aroundopponents. Not only does he get away with moving screens, it is essential to the Warriors offense. Remember all the debate about whether that was appropriate or not? If you don't, it's just dirty. In 1991 during a regular NBA season with the Detroit Pistons Karl Malone ended up knocking Isaiah Thomas with the head using his elbow which resulted in Thomas receiving more than 40 stitches.
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