We keep these forums clean and user friendly. Tried this multiple times. I had rode it for about 10 minutes and pulled back into garage. Also trashed my one-way cause it was kicking back so hard. remove the airbox cover & filter (making sure the box is clean before removing the filter). Also, inspect the fuel lines going from the fuel tank to the fuel pump. Now that's the proper way to end a thread. I did a ground test and it was good. Identify the vacuum line that goes to one of the inlet ports. Turn over the engine to see if gas is coming through the fuel line. Could it be you are running too rich? Inside there are check valves that may get stuck if dirt enters the pump. Hi I see there is a lot of you on this site and Im hoping someone can help me figure out whats going on.. this morning I started my 2000 Yamaha kodiak 400 fried right up didnt ride it let it idle for about 2 minutes and shut it off. Check out this guide for more detailed instructions on disassembling and cleaning a carburetor. Upload or insert images from URL. Make sure the pulse line is connected correctly both at the pump and by the crankcase. Finally, check if the stator is working properly. Order. Some issues are easy to fix at home, while others require assistance from a mechanic. I have the lights on while the starter is trying to . All you get is one or several loud bangs coming from the exhaust. It was running fine. Does it make clicking or buzzing sounds? I just saw the post farther down about the 450. Please note that this method may cause electric shock if done incorrectly. 133 Answers. Look up a timing diagram for your ATV and ensure all the timing marks align. I like to try to fix thing myself iv learned a lot about this atv since Ive had it but this has me stumped.. any advice tips? Im pretty sure its an 01, thats what it looks like based on some of the parts Ive gotten for it already. Anyone care to offer advice, the starter has always had a whine with it cranks. If Seafoam doesnt work, your best bet will be to remove and disassemble the carb to clean it properly. Youd be surprised how often the solution to an ATV that wont start is forgetting to turn on the kill switch. November 26, 2015. Look for a button on the side of the carb that may look like a choke knob. If the engine turns over quickly, the battery is good. Empty cart. It worked, I had not been able to start or even turn over my atv before this, even in. Be careful so that you dont damage any fragile plastic components as you remove the pump assembly. Blowing with a steady pressure into the gas tank vent tube while running the starter may help the fuel to start flowing. Replace it with the right size fuse and try starting again. I had rode it for about 10 minutes and pulled back into garage. There is either a vent in the gas cap or a separate gas tank vent tube. My 2000 kodiak 400 will not turn over with the electric start. Clear editor. The black lead goes to ground. If you have a vacuum gauge, connect it to the vacuum. Display as a link instead, It was sparking great. I think its in reverse (because I cant move forward but I can move backwards) but I cant shift to any other speeds not even the neutral. Remove the spark plug from the cylinder head using a spark-plug removal tool. Fuel flows all the way undisrupted from the tank to the carb. If you suspect the valve is not working, put it in prime, which will override the vacuum-operated valve. If it does, you know it is getting power, and the problem is likely with the solenoid itself or possibly the starter. From time to time, it may break even if there is nothing else wrong. Put your multimeter to DC Voltage. The solenoid works as a switch that sends a high current to your starter when you push the start button or turn the key. Over 2 ohms, the coil is likely bad and needs to be replaced. Cracks in the fuel line may cause the pump to suck false air into the tube instead of gas. The lights come on, and are not Dim. HeyNate16Welcome to GC from Wisconsin. Much appreciated for doing that. Pour some fresh gas into the tank to flush out any remaining gummed-up old fuel or debris before installing the valve. Posted June 16, 2012. before pulling the carb off try draining the fuel tank & the float bowl completely empty. Water trapped inside the spark plug booth may cause a short that will prevent the ATV from starting. Its much safer and just as effective to carefully pour or spray some gas straight into the cylinder through the plughole. Content on grizzlycentral.com is generated by its users. Use a multimeter to check for internal resistance between the positive and negative terminals. Start is defined as; cause (a machine) to begin to work. Also, if your ATV has a tether pull-cord style kill switch, ensure it is connected properly. Alternative method: If you dont have a spark tester tool, you can do a visual test to check for spark. Learn More. This post will be about my impressions as I use, fix, and abuse the machine. Locate the pump by tracing the line coming from the gas tank. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please feel free to contact me. Use carb cleaner and a toothbrush to clean as much as you can. love ATVs! I checked spark and its working but when I took fuel line off tank and checked it during cranking there is NO fuel coming from the tank. I tried to restart it and it won't. It will turn over but not start. Open the airbox to drain any water and let the filter dry out. I noticed the park light does not illuminate, but the reverse and Neutral do. yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start. All first posters will have to wait to have their content reviewed and approved. It will turn over but not start. they are in constant mesh with a gear inside the engine. The timing key is crucial in timing your bikes ignition as it locks the flywheel in the right position on the crankshaft. I tried starting it in Neutral, and again nothing it just illuminates the coolant light. I am actually working on my three wheeler and I dont know what to do: I cant shift gears. To check your 400 for spark, remove the spark plug from . This little metal part is designed to break to protect other engine components. Fuel-injected ATVs, in particular, can be extra tricky. Just a small amount of water may foul the plug instantly. lacrosse goalie camps massachusetts; tesla stock calculator; how much snow did show low get yesterday; port st lucie news car accident today It also just read more. Charge the battery or replace it if it is dead. install the plug back into the hole, make sure not to . SOURCE: 1999 Yamaha 1200GP Wave Runner wont' start. Is it a fat blue spark, Is it good fuel, have you done any recent work that might have cause this problem. If your ATV doesnt crank when youre trying to start it, there are a few basic things to consider. You will also need to remove the cable coming from the solenoid. Step 2. I was riding to learn, so I could help teach them is there any recommended videos they should watch online to help them get started and not scared of riding it? The battery should read 12,6 12,8V. yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Remove the spark plugs and pour a dash of gas into the spark plug holes. After ruling out a bad battery, its recommended to have further troubleshooting done by a mechanic. Look for loose or corroded terminals or shorts from damaged cables. yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start. I tried to restart it and it won't. Make sure the kill switch is turned ON.. Remove the spark plug put the fuel into the spark plug hole. I pulled the plug out and grounded it and it has no spare. There are three rubber hoses attached to the pump. I have a 2001 Yamaha Kodiak 400 (YFM400FWAN) On a recent hunting trip a problem popped up and I hope someone else has experienced this, so that I can learn from them instead of going on my own hunt for an answer. SOURCE: 1988 honda shadow vt1100, wont Hi, sounds like you are getting insuficiant power getting to the starter, assuming you have checked the engine turns over freely and is not seized, the switch circuit you have proved is working (as the clicking noise at the solenoide indicates . I then checked for spark. The valve should now open and allow fuel to flow. Another possible cause of these symptoms is that your valve clearance is incorrect. If your solenoid is good, the problem is likely with the starter. Note that the coil may be bad even if you get a spark. I Got home and Hopped on to take it off the trailer, i Pressed the brake and hit the button and it turned over, fired up and then dies. A clogged air filter will restrict airflow and, therefore, significantly impact how richly your ATV engine operates. I have a 94 kodiak 400, neutral light will not come on. Not a member? If one cam is off by just one tooth, you may run into starting issues accompanied by the occasional backfire. At first it would start and then die when I gave it throttle. yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont starthow to dupe in minecraft bedrock Answer: The most common source of trouble when the engine cranks but won't start is the ignition or fuel system. Install the flywheel and flywheel cover before trying to start the bike. then spray some aresol carb-cleaner (not ether or starter stuff) into the intake and turn the bike over until it runs for a bit on the carb-cleaner. The stator tested with zero ohms when checking resistance between the three white wires, and I think I should have been seeing at least a little resistance, .2-.9 ohms. We ordererd and . You should get a reading of 10.000 25.000 ohms. A forum community dedicated to Yamaha Grizzly owners and enthusiasts. Some ATV fuel pumps cant take being run dry. If a valve has stuck open, the compression will be too low, and the bike will not start. yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start. This will provide enough fuel so that the ATV starts and begin sucking fuel on its own. Brake light only comes on with right handle bar brake - not left or foot. selling value Accountng 400 [ 2 Answers ] My rover 400 ran out of petrol after putting 8 litres of petrol in why won't my car start ? Remove both the main jet and the pilot jet. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. (it starts cold so I was not concerned.). Check the battery. If the ATV starts when jumping the solenoid, you know that the solenoid is bad and needs replacing. Make sure the run switch is in the ON position. The easiest way to identify the cause is through a process of elimination. Make sure the engine oil isnt overfilled. This will, however, require a specialist tool that the average home mechanic does not have. A carbureted ATV may need a richer fuel mixture to start in the cold. It won't do any good to rip the carb apart if you have no spark ,it could be a number of different causes,kill switch,key ,get a manual to troubleshoot. Alternatively, you can remove the spark plug while turning the engine over for a few seconds. Once your first post is approved, you will no longer need to got through an approval process. 1. There you will find a large plastic locking ring connecting the fuel filter assembly to the fuel tank. Use an air compressor with a nozzle to clean all the small passages inside the carb. 1996 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Strange spark issue, 2004 Honda Rancher GPScape 400 Display Not Working. The starter engine shaft should start spinning freely without signs of drag or scraping. Here are a few tips to try if your ATV wont start after washing it: Ive dedicated an entire post on how to repair an ATV thats been submerged in water. Repairing a stuck valve is usually a task for a trained mechanic. By Any one have parts for a restore on a perfectly running Kodiak 93 and Susuki 91 King Quad -- Looking for mud flaps - fenders front rear racks- and everything in between- thanks in advance! Paste as plain text instead, What often happens is that the timing advance key, also known as a rocket key, has sheared and needs replacing. Then try running the starter for several seconds or pulling the starter rope until the bike starts. It probably wouldn't hurt to pull the carb and completely clean it out as when it comes to atv's they tend to get dirt in the fuel delivery system. The key is located on the crankshaft. Removing and rebuilding the carburetor from a 95 Yamaha Kodiak 400 that sat over winter with ethanol fuel. Be a part of best online community of ATV riders and join thousands of people who yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start. Leave the choke wide open to allow maximum flow. There should be a shut-off valve at the lowest part of the fuel tank. Remove the rocker cover and ensure the valve clearance meets the spec. Give er some starting fluid and see what that does. For it to work, you need to make sure it is getting power from the battery. If the gas in the tank is old or contaminated, you should not put it back in the tank after cleaning the valve. Solenoid and starter issues will be covered later in the post. Inspect the vacuum line to ensure it is correctly connected at both ends and has no cracks that will draw false air. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Yamaha YFZ450R Starting System Diagnosis. If the key is sheared, remove all pieces from the old timing key and install a new one according to factory specs. To gain immediate approval and a NO ADS experience, consider subsribing to our Premium Membership. Spark plug was good and good spark. The filter will be at the very bottom of the assembly. Upload or insert images from URL. Most gas tanks will have a removable drain plug or on/off switch at the bottom. yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start. There should be no reading when not pressing the starter button. Locate your spark plug. You can get one for cheap at most auto supply stores. Try removing the pump and checking for internal resistance with an ohm meter. Please keep your hands clear of the test tool and the area around it. Then it would start and die, start and die. Pasted as rich text. So I parked my quads last fall for the winter and everything was fine. That sucks man. and more. Where are you from? If it starts, your issue is fuel related. Spray some fuel into the intake and see if it starts, then you know it's fueltake the carb apart or remove it enough to access the carb bowl. yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start. Do you mean towing it in gear to start it? We keep these forums clean and user friendly. If you cannot clean the jet, its best to replace it. Doe this mean carburator or electronics. I cycled through the shifter (park, reverse neutral, and drive,.) If youve been working on or removing some timing components, you must ensure everything is reassembled correctly. I recommend you save this job for a dealer. After hearing the starter solenoid click and seeing voltage from the test light, you still want to check the starter itself by also applying the test light . If I had to guess, from sittingthe float pin in the carb is corroded and stuck. Reassemble the carb and install it on the ATV. Inspect the vacuum line for any damage or cracking and replace it if necessary. Runs like a champ now! Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. 2004 Suzuki LTZ 400 dies when I give it gas. grizzlyriders.com is an independent Yamaha enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. The same applies to gas contaminated with water, which is heavier than gasoline and will fall to the tanks bottom. Owner, Head Mechanic. It's either not getting fuel or spark. Replace the plug with a new one according to the manufacturers specifications. Value of a 2001 Yamaha kodiak 400 ATV with 850 miles and always t [ 1 Answers ] I need to get an approx. Also, ensure all power wires from the battery to the solenoid are correctly connected and not corroded. June 13, 2012 in Yamaha ATV Forum. It has a brand new battery fully charged and completely clean terminals and connections with dielectric grease. then refill the tank with premium gas & seafoam addative (or any carb cleaner/snake-oil addative). 1. Troubleshooting a fuel-injected ATV is a bit trickier than carbureted ATVs, but its possible: Most fuel-injected ATVs do not have a serviceable fuel filter. I will see if the voltage drops on the battery when i try and star it, when I get home, Friday or sat. Youve just installed a new battery, but the ATV still wont start. I made this site to share what I have learned as an avid ATV owner and enthusiast. Tried and tried just wont start. A spark plug that has gone bad may prevent the ATV from starting and only cause it to backfire. Now it just turns over but won't start at all. Listen for a loud click to make sure it's working. install the plug back into the hole, make sure not . To test the starter, you need to remove it from the ATV. You will also need to address the cause of your dirty carburetor, or it will clog up the next time you ride. This may cause some oil to get trapped in the pulse line, obstructing airflow. It has a brand new battery fully charged and completely clean terminals and connections with dielectric grease. If you cannot jump-start your ATV, it may not be a dead battery that is causing your starting issues. The buzzing sound you hear comes from the starter solenoid relay that wont kick in due to low voltage. Put a test light across the connection you are testing as you activate the starter. Old unstabilized fuel and debris from the gas tank may completely gum up the carburetor or block the jets, so the engine is not getting any fuel. I then checked the carb a little turned fuel off and opened the bowl drain gas came out then stopped I closed the screw and turned gas back on. Your link has been automatically embedded. Connect an inline spark tester between the spark plug and the spark-plug wire/ignition coil. Due to the backfire, you know that at least some fuel is getting through. yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start. Instead, it would be best if you washed the ATV by hand using only a garden hose and mild soap. When run dry, the RPMs will go up, and the pump will burn out due to a lack of cooling and lubrication from the fuel. remove the airbox cover & filter (making sure . Make sure it is turned on. Account. On a fuel-injected ATV, try spraying the injector with an electronic cleaner to expel any trapped moisture. I got my no spark issue sorted out, got it running on the old aftermarket carb, but it didn't want to take throttle even after cleaned it, didnt really want to waste time on it, so I order a new one which is on its way, so not much to post here, but I wanted to start a new thread. leave the float drain open until the gas looks good and then replace the float bowl plug. Locate the drain plug on your carb and drain it. If the voltage drops too low, the battery wont have enough charge to start the bike. A gasoline engine needs three essential components to start and run: If the plug is dry, the bike is not getting fuel, and you need to continue the troubleshooting as described below. Im guessing you have a jet thats plugged. Are you new to the site? To gain immediate approval and a NO ADS experience, consider subsribing to our Premium Membership. the key is on, choke on, step on break on the right foot platform . The negative pressure pulls fuel in, while positive pressure pushes fuel out. I'm confused about the rope pulling Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2 So when you hold the starter button down, the gears just spin without the engine turning over. Then it would start and die. I think I rotated it somehow and pulled the bowl off and checked the float movement. This happened to my 2004 Kodiak years back after sitting. The gauge should follow the pulses. All first posters will have to wait to have their content reviewed and approved. Drain or siphon all of the old fuel out of the gas tank. Disconnect the fuel line from the valve to see if gas comes through. If I know what the problem is I can probably fix it Hopeing a few of you have had this same issue.. ran great an hour before just suddenly decided not to start. Modern EFI ATVs may provide an error code indicating fuel injector issues. Removing and rebuilding the carburetor from a 95 Yamaha Kodiak 400 that sat over winter with ethanol fuel. There is also a rubber diaphragm that may stretch or crack over time. If you forget to engage the kill switch before starting the bike, it will pull gas into the carburetor, but there is no spark to ignite the fuel. This guide will help you troubleshoot the most common causes for an ATV that wont start. check for ground also. In search of All Parts for 93 Yamaha Kodiak and a 91 Suzuki King Quad. At first it would start and then die when I gave it throttle. If you dont get a reading, you must trace the wiring back to your battery to identify where the connection is broken. Charge the battery or replace it if its dead. if you can't get it to take then the carb needs to be removed/rebuilt. I'm confused about the rope pulling Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2 At first after you pulled it the first time then run it a while it would start back on its own until it 686 three plugger with HV porting, 39 . This job may not be for everyone. Ensure the float assembly is not stuck and pull up the float needle. With the fuel valve open, disconnect the fuel line from the fuel inlet of the carburetor. The solenoid should make an audible clicking sound each time you hit the starter. If it is very little or no fuel coming from the fuel line, you likely have either: If there is a steady or pulsating stream of fuel, you know that. Fixing such issues is usually a job for a mechanic. Any excess gas will escape through the spark plug hole. You may also need to replace your spark plug. Start by making sure the battery is healthy and fully charged. Would be really grateful if someone . yamaha kodiak 400 turns over but wont start. Choose the topic below that describes your bikes behavior best to begin your troubleshooting. Associate of Science. Clean the carburetor, as described in step three. I recommend you begin troubleshooting as if the turns over but wont start.
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