If they are too loose, his shots will not have enough power. Generally speaking, professional stringers tend to advise players to string their rackets as low as possible whilst still being able to maintain control of the ball. For your racket to perform optimally, your string tension should fall within this range however, this isnt necessarily something you have to stick to. Heres some of the benefits and drawbacks of string your tennis racket at a high tension: You may well be looking at that list and thinking, whats the point? Extreme spin playability with outstanding tension maintenance. This point really made me smile as Ive done some silly things in the past when it comes to this aspect! This condition can be caused by repetitive use of the arm, such as in playing tennis. Having several rackets strung (8-12 for pros) at various tensions ensures they have the right setup for the conditions they face that day. RIP Control is my multi of choice and it hits with the most inherent spin for any multi I've played. Roger Federer is back on the court: in New York he plays with some students! Which is better Pressureless vs Pressurized balls? Too little tension will result in a weak shot, while too much tension can cause your racket to vibrate excessively and lead to poor control. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Talk to your doctor about taking these, especially if you need them for weeks. We save you time and money by doing the painful research process for you! The 200 N racket induced the least acceleration at the elbow. Which Tennis Strings Maintain Tension Best? I stopped using full beds of polys because of the lack of penetration on some shots. A low string tension would be anywhere from around 40-50lbs. Take care. It would definitely mute the negative effects (harshness, stiffness) of polys, but because of that, it diminishes some of the playing characteristics as well like the ability to produce wicked topspin. This article we have written comes from many years of experience experimenting with various tensions and gauges (thickness) across many different types of strings. Three Ways To Tell If Your Polyester Tennis Strings Are Dead Touch style players will love the pocketing effect of a lower tension, whereas a powerhouse player will most likely hate it and crave control. Some manufacturers dont make this suggestion. Tennis elbow is a common overuse injury, and the string tension of a racquet can affect the risk of injury. Do I possibly need fresh strings? Solinco Tour Bite Soft Tennis Strings. and our There are three main types of tennis racquet tension: low, medium, and high. Its worth always being clear with your stringer about your preferred unit measurement instead of just saying a number! If it is giving you arm problems, then yes Consider using a hybrid with a softer multi or gut. When youre having an ongoing problem with your elbow, be sure to see your doctor so you can be diagnosed and get on the road to recovery. It is measured in pounds and ranges from around 40 to 70 pounds. Whats equally unbelievable is that Jack strings his Babolat Pure Aero at 40lbs, sometimes going as low as 38lbs! I could probably eek out a couple more hours with them, but I would rather be safe than sorry. Does this hold true as a rule of thumb for all co-poly strings? In this situation, you could just get another racket out of your bag that is strung up at a higher tension than the one youre using and that would solve the issue and allow the ball to dive down into the court. Average peak acceleration was determined to correlate string-tension with elbow loading. Its worth always being clear Both strings are very popular on the pro tour. Studies have confirmed that racquets laced with higher tension create a further effect of tennis elbow in the player, which is why you want to tread cautiously with a tense, high-tensioned racquet. However, a lower string tension can also reduce the power and control a player has. Generally, there are three types of tension that can be used in racquets: light, medium, and heavy. Which string Tension is best for the Tennis Elbow? Thank you for producing this video and educating the public! WebHere are the tension ranges wed aim for the first time you get your racket strung: Nylon/Gut: 50-60lbs (22.5-27kg) Hybrid: 46-56lbs (21-25.5kg) *Because polyester is a stiffer Natural gut and nylon strings are the best for tennis elbow because they are the most comfortable, soft and shock-free. Now the thing is I switched to 2021 Babolat Pure Drive about three months ago. If you find that your strings are breaking too frequently, you may want to increase the tension slightly. Generally, a lighter racquet will provide more control, while a heavier racquet will provide more power. I have also heard on a hybrid the tension on the mains should be higher than the tension on the crosses, but this would mean your co-poly tension is higher than your gut tension? Results. Some ways to ease the pain include: Over-the-counter pain relievers: Ibuprofen and naproxen can ease mild to moderate pain. I have never played it but have strung it for a few clients. Which is better Pressureless vs Pressurized balls? If you know youd prefer a little lower, also consider that tension loss is going to occur pretty quickly and that 53lbs will turn in 48lbs before you know it! Hey David, I was just wondering what the differences/advantages/disadvantages there are between Babolat RPM Blast 17 and Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Spin 125??? Keeping your strings For the purposes of tennis, string tension is a measure of pounds or kilograms that is applied to the string when pulled by a stringing machine. Lateral epicondylitis (LE) occurs in almost half of all tennis players. Poor levels of comfort almost always go hand in hand with injuries, so unless you have wrists of steel and are appropriately physically conditioned, carefully consider whether stringing high with a polyester string is the way to go for you. In the meantime will go back to my 2019 Head Speed Pro. What is the difference between multifilament and poly strings? The string tension of a racquet affects the way it performs and the risk of injury. Get some training in different methods of doing your job. Second, I often see stringing referred to as 52/54. However, as we touched upon a little earlier, stringing high is only really meant for one kind of player. Bestcovery Team. At TheTennisBros.com, we believe that going over 60lbs tension with a polyester string can actual damage its properties and consequently decrease a players performance. I have a few questions. Here is an abstract: "Background. Hello David I just ran across your post and the info was very helpful to me. Scan this QR code to download the app now. I havent ever heard the other two suggestions, but I can clearly understand how playing with fresh, high-quality tennis balls could help. 2023 Reddit, Inc. All rights reserved. Others include painting, carpentry, playing amusical instrument, or using heavy tools. The condition can also be caused by other activities, such as using tools or carrying heavy loads. Always factor in your racket when deciding a string tension. Make sure you have fresh, dry tennis balls. Methods. Both strings are shaped. RPM Blast is black. Low tension creates a larger sweet spot and produces more power, but it also decreases the racquets ability to control the ball. Finally, be sure you warm up and stretch your arms gently before playing racquet sports (or any sport, really). Key benefits. Theycomeintocontactwiththetennisball,makingorbreakingyourperformanceonthecourt. Work with a tennis pro to improve your swing so you don't overwork the elbow again. If you're looking to get the most out of your racket setup, then let thetennisbros.com do the hard work for you! Think McEnroe and Roddick! The grip size of a racquet can affect the power and control, as well as the risk of injury. The tennis elbow is a condition that affects the tendons in the elbow. Want to know exactly what Alexander Zverevs racket and string setup is? Tennis elbow is an injury you can have even if you never pick up a racquet. Hope this helps. As for healing I am waiting for FlexBar to come ingets good reviews and will see physio later in week. More elastic strings, reducing the risk of injury. 1 307 Reviews Wilson NXT Multifilament 17 Gauge Tennis Racket String in Natural Color Wilson NXT Tennis String Set, Natural, 17 Gauge Multifilament is one of the time tested, most widely sold strings that Wilson ever made. If youre having to string your racket this tight, unless its natural gut, then you are losing a lot of the properties of that particular string. Continue with Recommended Cookies. I could probably go a pound or two lower and still love the way it plays. Feb 9, 2023 Source: Shoulder Elbow - Racquet string tension directly affects force experienced at the elbow: implications for the development of lateral epicondylitis in tennis players ALSO READ: De Minaur: Rafael Nadal is like the king in Spain, Mutua Madrid Open: Iga Swiatek's brisk triumph sees her enter pre-quarters, Naomi Osaka vs FTX: This is how the $11 billion fight is going, Coco Gauff trolls Elon Musk, but comes criticisms: "I don't even pay for NETFLIX", Iga Swiatek: "Modern tennis is like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal do", Ekaterina Alexandrova makes deeply honest admission ahead of Iga Swiatek match, Davidovich Fokina trolls Holger Rune: "Thanks, crowd was on my side! Typical tensions range from around 40-65lbs, but most players tensions fall well within that range of extremes! Generally speaking, professional stringers tend to advise players to string their rackets as low as possible whilst still being able to maintain control of the ball. With that in mind, lets take a look at low tensions first. Some strings hold tension better than others, but all strings lose tension eventually. And you can still serve and volley. For example, I have never heard that tension on the mains should be higher. Ask your boss for other tasks you can do while your elbow heals. (Explained), How do Football clubs Earn so much Money? Selecting Tennis Strings Thanks for your thoughts. Splints: You might ask your doctor about using a wrist splint at night. Sign up to receive your Free Guide to Supercharging Your Tennis Equipment, straight to your inbox! How is r/10s different? Unless you want an injury coming your way though, we wouldnt advise you to go over 60lbs. Learn how to prevent and treat it. If your body hurts while playing tennis, choose softer-playing strings. (If you want to check out the Six One 95 Pro Labs edition, click here. ) A therapist may also teach you ways to change your tennis stroke or other activities that caused your elbow troubles. Hybrid stringing means a combination of two different strings. Choosing the right racket is only part of the equation. Top 8 Best tennis strings for tennis elbow Reviews: 1. For more information, please see our You might be thinking this is because the professionals break their strings so often, but it isnt. Could the racquet possibly be the issue if I had no problems for three months to this point? A downside to stringing really high is youre going to lose a lot of the strings elastic qualities. If you buy anything through one of my links, a tiny commission goes to Tennisnerd which helps the site stay alive. David, great to see a new post. Alu Spin is gray. The recommendation remains that monofilament strings should be used by players who break strings frequently. The For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. . Hes also very wrist orientated and uses a full western grip, which lends itself to creating a finer ball contact. ProKennex Black Ace Ultimately, the best tension for a tennis racquet depends on the players individual preferences and playing style. Discover your perfect racket and string combo! This provides enough power and control while still allowing the ball to bite into the string bed for maximum spin potential. Generally, natural gut strings provide the most power and control, while synthetic strings provide less power and control but are less likely to cause injury. Todays co-polyester monofilament strings also deliver increased power and comfort depending on the additives used. You'll be shocked by how different it feels. The exterior tension is often created by the use of hard edges and stark contrasts between light and dark, while the interior tension is often derived from the use of soft edges and gradual changes in value. Stringing your racket at a low tension will give you: Before settling on a string tension, its vital to consider what you are looking for in your game and how you want your racket to perform accordingly. You can check any of these racquets out at any of my affiliates. Non-athletes are also affected. Supercharge Your Doubles With TheTennisBros.com. Are the mains strung at the higher number? In the video I use, For more control, add a softer poly to make it into a, For more spin, use a polyester string, but string it at a low tension. Upvote anything that contributes to the conversation, whether you agree with it or not. Sports gear: If tennis really is at the root of your tennis elbow, a stiffer racquet with looser strings may help once youre up for some light playing again. Typical tensions range from around 40-65lbs, but most players tensions fall well within that range of extremes! Needless to say, I looked to string the racket in a different way pretty quickly! Thanks, Larry I usually cut them out after about eight hours of singles play. If you feel little control, less precision, frequent injuries, or less power, then its worth considering a new tension. Generally, tennis tension ranges from 40 to 65 pounds / 18 27 kg depending upon your strength and preference . There are exceptions, of course; some players even going below 40lbs! This is very common among players today because of monofilament co-polyester tennis strings. Very interesting information, David thank you. By creating contrasts in the register, time, and texture, Roger is able to control the flow of the music and create tension and resolution. The string pattern refers to the number of main strings (parallel to the long axis of the racquet) and the number of cross strings (perpendicular to the long axis of the racquet) that compose the string-bed. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Angell K7 Racquets. Hey Allan Thanks for the comment. So if you normally string at 57 lbs., you would string the Luxilon at 52 lbs. Tennis elbow Painful condition is caused by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm. Racket-string tension is considered to be an important factor influencing the development of LE. Traditionally monofilament strings offer benefits to control and durability. WebTennis elbow sufferers should restring as often as they can afford, and at a minimum, every 60-90 days until the problem subsides (every month is preferable). Conclusions. Technique could be an issue but like I say play quite alot and never had any injury issues ever so strange it would pop up now. Clearly, he has found a way to marry his through the court power, spin and low tension to tremendous effect. The beams are not too thick and taper to if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[728,90],'tennisnerd_net-box-4','ezslot_4',146,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-tennisnerd_net-box-4-0'); I would add: go thin! Jan 30, 2023 Tecnifibre Razor Soft Medvedevs new string, The History of Natural Gut Tennis Strings, Use a full bed of natural gut or multifilament. Thing is I feel the strings starting to really die by 1 month and dead by 1.5 months, a board by 2. In the sport of tennis, one of the most important aspects of the game is using the correct amount of tension on your racket strings. In the video, I use a hybrid of. Stringing light, stiff rackets with poly are rough on the arm. If were talking about a polyester string, thats the really strong, probably tall powerhouse, aggressive baseline player like Del Potro who only wants ultimate control from his racket and string. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. As a result, it can cause tennis elbow. Racquet string tension plays a major role in causing elbow injuries. When the string tension is tight, the arm will suffer more strain. So, string tensions that focus more on control can easily cause tennis elbow. In contrast, a tension that focuses on power will not cause tennis elbow. Any tips you would like to share? On a very cold day, players will use a lower tension than usual in order to compensate for the drop in ball velocity. Finding the sweet spot is key! These materials have improved the playability of any kind of string made in the past decades. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so its important to choose the right one for your needs. Whether you use these in a full bed or half bed of string, youll need to string these higher in order to tame some of their extreme elasticity. Some ways to ease the pain include: Over-the-counter pain relievers:Ibuprofenand naproxen can ease mild to moderate pain. Dont have any experience with Volkl Cyclone Tour, but the trend these days is to create softer polys. The condition is caused by repetitive motions, such as those used in tennis, and can cause pain in the elbow and forearm. In other words, there arent any rules. Getting the best tennis shoes that fit your feet perfectly is a crucial part of making the most of your tennis game.. It can be, but it is perfectly fine to have it the same or lower again depending on the string bed you wish to create. Before analyzing each of these elements you need to know that tennis strings are broken down into the following key characteristics: power, control, spin, durability, touch and feel. Seems like polys were on the market first, why this evolution? This low tension would never work for natural gut, as the racket would launch the ball out the park, but Mr Sock uses a hard, polyester string Luxilon Alu Power which helps to balance out the power level. This racquet is known for elbow trouble but this new version supposedly is less stiff. This string is made of a single filament (extrusion process). Equipment Advice Also, would you suggest going a hybrid? Tennis Warehouse Europe Hey Bruce With hybrids, you can basically do anything you want. DH. I have done the same tension reduction on Babolat RPM Blast. Both strings are high quality co-poly strings. For example, some people will call Alu Power a poly, and others will call it a co-poly. The tension should not work against your physical abilities and performance, which means your racket should be providing power, comfort, absorption, precision, and control. Hey David. Your kind words are appreciated. Strings are more complex than players would expect. ", ATP Madrid: Stefanos Tsitsipas honors Dominic Thiem with beautiful words, ATP Madrid: Holger Rune loses midnight thriller to Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, Stefanos Tsitsipas didn't serve a second serve for over an hour against Dominic Thiem, Mirra Andreeva, the new women's tennis prodigy, Toni Nadal opens up about Rafael Nadal's retirement plans, Naomi Osaka credits Giannis Antetokounmpo for giving her 'life-changing' perspective, Rafael Nadal reflects on "disastrous" loss to Alexander Zverev in Madrid, Dayana Yastremaska changed her hairstyle! Some manufacturers recommend that you string co-poly a certain percentage below what you would for other types of strings. If youre in a situation where you are using a low powered racket with a high-powered string, find a happy medium. The most commonstring pattern version beeing used ist the 16x19 version. . My name is Michael and Im a big fan of the sport of tennis. A good recommended tension for a natural gut or multifilament string would be between 55-62lbs. Most stringers will automatically assume you mean lbs, however. This deformation creates a cushion of air that surrounds the ball and helps it travel forward. I So, is it better to have high or low string tension? Ask about how to do some of the exercises yourself at home. By David Henry on Apr 26, 2012 with Comments 23. Thats because everyday activities dont keep your muscles as strong and flexible as they should be to avoid sports injuries. Generally, a string tension of between 45 and 55 pounds is recommended for those looking to reduce their risk of tennis elbow. Rafael seems to have found the right balance for himself, as he has been one of the most successful professional golfers in history. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Finding the right string tension, as well as the right racquet size, weight, strings and grip size for the individual player, can help to reduce the risk of tennis elbow and improve performance. If you have every seen this guy play, youll quickly notice he has an unbelievably heavy forehand its one of the most potent weapons on tour. The other thing to consider is that polyester strings had not been invented during that era, so players were trying to find other ways to tame the power of the natural gut. An interesting study published in the Shoulder Elbow, entitled Racquet string tension directly affects force experienced at the elbow: implications for the development of lateral epicondylitis in tennis players, gave interesting results. Once the Elasticity is gone, players compensate through their muscle which leads to inflammation in the elbow region. We wouldnt recommend looking up what the professional players are using and copying that, unless you have flawless mechanics and know the exact custom racket specification Nadal is using for example. Home What string tension is best for tennis elbow? As you know, co-poly tennis strings are all the rage on the pro tour mens tour and womens tour. Other factors include the size and weight of the racquet, the type of strings used, and the grip size. If you do have tennis elbow, they can come up with a treatment plan thats best for you -- from pain relief to surgery. They are built out of nylon filaments or ribbons (natural gut fibers or various other materials like polyamid) bounded with a specific developed resin system. DH. The condition can also be caused by other activities, such as using tools or carrying heavy loads. Wet or "dead" tennis balls can aggravate your elbow. Our strategies can be quickly implemented for instant results! Im always looking for new ways to take my game to the next level. I have some tennis elbow issues, so I err on the side of caution with regard to cutting out my strings. multifilament strings including natural gut are the most powerful strings with the best in class comfort. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development.
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