Old Foresters 86 Proof is a very straightforward whisky. The Beam (originally Boehm) family settled in Kentucky and began selling whiskey there in 1795, according to The Whiskey Reviewer. As in, there's not much going on, and it's overwhelmingly reminiscent of potpourri lots of wood and lots of bad vanilla. Review Summary: Rare Breed is really spicy at first but has a sweet, long finish. Also Read: The Top 5 UPROXX Bourbon Posts Of The Last Six Months. The end is very faint and almost vodka-like with a tapwater vibe. So, Woodford Reserve is near the middle of our list not because it's mediocre, but because it's solidly respectable it delivers exactly what you'd expect from a mid-range bourbon, no more and no less. But maybe consumers' expectations are simply too high? Whiskey Thief Uncut Unfiltered may sound like it's coming to a theater near you, but it's actually a bourbon brought to you by Three Boys Farm Distillery. The end is warm but not hot. It's a mainstream list, for sure. And the family resemblance is clear, although Basil Hayden's is smoother, with flavors of oak and nutmeg balancing out the peppery notes from the rye. Per American Whiskey Trail, early American whiskey was mostly made by amateurs and sold while it was still young and fiery, so it probably didn't taste all that great. First online real money wager only. Hudson Bright Lights, Big Bourbon Whiskey FAQs Final Thoughts Top 13 Worst Cheap Bourbons 13. As noted byThe Whiskey Wash, their flagship expression, Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon, offers vanilla and spice on the nose and palate without being overly sweet or cloying. Courtesy. It goes without saying when a bourbon provokes a description like "vomit inducing turpentine," you should probably think twice before investing $50 for a bottle. Well, at least the price tag under $20 makes it a good gag gift. That doesn't sound like it can go bad, does it? The Whiskey Shelf even compared it to Larceny. "I had the grilled chicken with bourbon bbq sauce and garlic mashed potatoes with rice pilaf." more. Those who aren't knowledgeable about bourbon might be led to believe that a whiskey thief is someone who breaks into a rackhouse and escapes into the night with a full barrel of juice. When you think of Wild Turkey, do you picture an unshaven guy sitting by himself in a bar, muttering at the TV and nursing a tumbler of the stuff before shuffling off to a depressing studio apartment somewhere? While bourbon can technically come from anywhere in the US, maybe Minnesota should leave it to the experts down in Kentucky. There's also a sizeable ethanol burn, which ended up leaving some bourbon aficionados in gastric distress. Not necessarily, because a humdrum bottle or a bourbon at a low price point isn't always going to taste like nail polish remover. Perhaps this overwhelming scent would be permissible if it was marketed as such, but other reviews state that it's sadly just an average bottle of booze that's also extremely harsh and bitter. With Larceny's slogan"So smooth, it's criminal," you might unintentionally reach for your wallet, you know, just to make sure it's still there. A finely balanced whisky that's sweet but not cloying, smooth but still memorable, 1792 Sweet Wheat is lovely enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Widow Jane's claim to fame and major marketing boast is that its bourbon blends are finished with limestone-filtered water from the nearby Widow Jane mine. Like many distilleries, Barton 1792 has a convoluted history. Hudson Bright Lights, Big Bourbon. The bourbon costs between $40 and $50 per 1 ounce pour. The theory was that the constant movement of bourbon sloshing around in wood barrels would in turn make the whiskey age faster. Four Roses Single Barrel: Overall best bourbon of 2023 Knob Creek 9 Year Old: Best bourbon under $50 Pappy Van Winkle's 23 Year Family Reserve: Best high-end bottle of bourbon Elijah Craig Small Batch: Smoothest Bourbon Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon: Best Bourbon for beginners Old Forester Classic 86 Proof: Best value Bourbon These are rarely sold as is, but are rather aged for five to 10 years and blended in different combinations for each expression. 10. This doesn't mean it's necessarily terrible; it's just not to most drinkers' tastes. It was neither founded by anyone named Barton nor was it founded in 1792 (rather, that date refers to the year of Kentucky's statehood, according to Malt). Critical consensus seems to put it in the middle of the curve as well not a terrible place to be at a time when even budget brands are turning out good-quality products. I probably wouldnt even mix this with Coke. The following list deals with domestic whiskies that are either officially bourbon or very bourbon-like and cost less than $15 per 750mL bottle in my expensive city. If you can stomach it, the juice is best in a pickleback. This makes perfect sense because the bourbon is named after Dr. James Crow, a Scottish physician and chemist who invented the sour mash process, an important step in distillation (via Whiskey Raw). It's easily one of the first whiskeys to be thrown into the pit of most regrettable bourbon purchases. You would think this spirit would be big, bold, and, live up to the hype. Today, the brand produces numerous expressions of bourbon, from its young, sweet Original Bourbon to its Green Label, Black Label, Rye, and other varieties. And just because a bottom shelf bottle is made by, say, Willett or Heaven Hill or even Buffalo Trace does not mean its worth your time or money. This mixture of grains is known as the mash bill. The main ingredient for bourbon is corn and other grains are used in varying quantities. Instead, this venerable budget brand (which you may have last seen in your grumpy great-uncle's pantry) is known for its unapologetic kick. (as decided by me and in alphabetical order.) 1. A "small-batch bourbon" is a bourbon that's an amalgamation of a number of barrels, anywhere from 10-100. One taster compared this bottle to "grass clippings and gasoline aged in turpentine barrels," which doesn't sound like anything we'd want to put in our mouths (via Distiller). Over on Ranker folks cast a whopping 54,000 votes, and a clear top ten bourbons emerged. On the palate, the Evan Williams has a decent body as it has some texture. The nose is sweet, with notes of honey, caramel, vanilla and just a whiff of ethanol. Perhaps the quality has diminished over time because Beam Distillery claims that this exact whiskey has graced the desks of US presidents, as well as acclaimed writers like Mark Twain. The Bonded version basically takes everything thats just a whisper in the above version and lets it shine while layering in deeper flavor notes. Or maybe it does, but not in a good way. Clyde May's Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The palate is largely the same with a sense of watered-down apple juice, a hint more of that vanilla, some alcohol burn (almost inexplicably), and a touch of chocolate-covered cherries dipped in water. The distillery's tasting . One of the best non-Kentucky high-rye distilleries out there is Indiana's own Hirsch, whose The Horizon bottles have a 94:6 ratio of two different straight bourbons: one distilled from a mashbill containing 21% rye (aged 4 . One Redditor said Town Branch's unpleasant flavor earned it the nickname "hand cleaner." Thirty One Whiskey writes that the name is supposed to represent the two stars on the Louisville city flag. Malt described their Very Old Barton Bottled in Bond as having "a solid quality/price ratio" that would make it a potentially "reliable go-to or house bourbon" were it more readily available. PerBreaking Bourbon, it features the expected caramel, toffee, and vanilla notes on the nose, followed by a hit of spice, oak, and butterscotch. Perhaps not being able to previously practice the fine art of distilling is what the tasters pick up. I didnt, but I have no idea what to do with it otherwise. Willet Pot Still is considered a Kentucky straight bourbon, meaning it has been aged a minimum of two years in brand new charred oak barrels, per New Riff Distilling. And the similarities don't end there Basil Hayden's even boasts the same rye-forward malt bill as Old Grand-Dad. Imagine Kentucky Chewing on that. Light is what comes to mind on the nose with a soft cream soda, a touch of caramel, and a little bit of corn husk. When you hear comments like that, it makes you wonder if this is the same bourbon that won a Silver Medal at the 2020 International Spirits Challenge and a Double Gold at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Championships (via Liquor.com). I know that sounds flippant, but every major distillery has a few expressions that lurk on the bottom shelf in plastic bottles with screwtop caps. Here's a quick recap of the 10 most expensive bourbons in the world: Old Rip Van Winkle 25 Year Old - $33,438. The juice is a bourbon blend thats a minimum of four years old. But however spurious its suggested origin story, Evan Williams as a bourbon is the real deal. The first Booker's Bourbon batch of 2023, Charlie's Batch, is an intense and extra-caramelized delight, one of the best Booker's batches. Benchmark Old No. This 92 proof straight bourbon whiskey hails from Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery, located in a little town in Hudson Valley, New York. Established in 1935, Heaven Hill Distillery is the creator of Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon, a small batch, wheated bourbon that comes out three times a year. It's made by Buffalo Trace using the same mash as their namesake bourbon, yet aged for 10 years. Whether or not Craig actually did invent this process is up for debate, but what's not up for debate are the numerous awards given to the bourbon brand that shares his name. If you're looking for a top-notch bourbon and willing to search high and low to get your hands on a bottle, W.L. Its only $5 more than David Nicholson and just much deeper while also being more approachable and mixable. Today, many of Old Forester's expressions are formulated and marketed to evoke the brand's long history. While the plastic fades away, the wateriness imparts flavors of muted vanilla, banana chip, and maybe a hint of caramel soda. Check out GAYOT's 10 Top Bourbons from the least expensive offerings to the priciest bottles. The hint of oak connects and balances the flavors of fruit and spice. Our Top Bourbon Picks Best Overall: Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Best for Sipping: Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon Best for Whiskey Sour: Wild Turkey 101 Best for Manhattan: Breckenridge. It could be smoother and its hotness may strike some as excessive but it offers remarkable quality for a budget tipple, which is why it deserves a position in our top five bourbons. But if all you care about is the results, scroll down to see which of the 21 bourbon brands we tried worked the best in an Old-Fashioned cocktail -- and which . In any case, Widow Jane is finished with fresh water from somewhere. The test barrels remained on OCEARCH's vessel for three years, even passing through the Panama Canal numerous times according to the bourbon company. Until then, it was famed for being the drink of choice of President Grant, back in the 1870s which gave it a lot to hang its hat on as a brand. It has a light mouthfeel and is less sweet than its aroma would suggest. Founded in 2012, the brand is so young the bourbons it produces in its own distillery in upstate New York are not yet sufficiently aged for consumption, according to31 Whiskey. If you want to stick with Diageo, however, then Id recommend getting yourself some George Dickel Bottled-In-Bond for $40. The Last Drop Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon - $18,320. Knob Creek's Kentucky Straight Smoked Maple seems to be, according to some bourbon fans, a bad execution of a good idea. George Dickel is actually the flagship spirit from Cascade Hollow Distillery. Bourbon, by definition, has to be at least 51% corn and most distillers we've seen hug that fairly closely. You can purchase a bottle for as little as $40 (or upwards of $4,000). SLB Basement Bourbon Bar goes into detail about this regrettable purchase, saying that it is very grainy, bitter, thin, and young, and the alcohol burn isn't anything to joke about. The site also says that Bright Lights, Big City smells of vanilla and oak, with a flavor of stone fruit, corn bread, caramel, and cashews that "lingers long after your final sip." It's not memorable. Cabin Still 1. Back in 1882, third-generation distiller Raymond B. Hayden wanted to immortalize his grandpa by creating a memorable bourbon, according to Vinepair. The barrels are a minimum of five years old when theyre plucked from the warehouses, blended, brought down to 80 proof, and bottled. Tasters on Distiller claim that this bourbon is flavorless, hard to get down, and incredibly bland and boring. Nah. The Willet family lineage and distilling experience extend back multiple centuries, but it was only in 1936 that theWillet Distillery was established on the family's property, three years after the end of prohibition. The nose is all about the nuts and fruit with a trail mix vibe next to more standard notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak. A Look at Today's Top 10 By Josh Jackson April 17 . Barrell Craft Spirits has undergone massive changes throughout the last 3 years. According to Breaking Bourbon, the original Elijah Craig was a Baptist preacher and said to be the inventor of the process of aging bourbon in charred oak barrels. The finish is pretty watery it kind of reminds me of hose water on a hot day with the same beats for vanilla-caramel-corn-and-wood barely peaking in over the proofing water. However, taste is subjective andRedditreviewscomparethe flavor to "bitter rubber," while a consumer on Distiller reports "hints of Redman chew spit and unsweet tea fermented in a styrofoam cup in mid July.". But should it be there in the first place? This delayed batch proved to have a winning flavor, which the current distillers reproduced via a secondary six-to-nine-month maturation in heavily charred barrels. These days, it's part of the Jim Beam empire. Maybe the folks at Early Times took the whole historical angle a wee bit too far. The Whiskey Reviewer further noted that it doesn't offer those drinking it "any surprises," as "there are no twists or particularly subtle nuances." Maybe this one should be tossed overboard. It actually dates back to 1879, after which a series of ownership changes resulted in its current name and product line. This 95% New York-grown corn bourbon holds the distinction of being the first (legal) whiskey produced in the state since Prohibition . Old Thompson American. Its like its in an entirely different spirits category than Old Crow. Its also an essential cocktail mixing bourbon for any bar cart. And why be disappointed (or even disgusted) when you can be satisfied for just a few bucks more? One Reddit usersums it up nicely by saying "There's nothing 'gentlemanly' about it." "And it's the best cocktail bourbon out there." Zackariah Harris Kentucky Straight Bourbon. This cocktail mixes Scotch and/or Bourbon with maple syrup and bitters for a smoky-yet-sweet drink. The palate has a hint of alcohol burn from the jump with plenty of dark spices and dry peanut shells popping in before the burn takes over on the mid-palate. In response to a question about some serious shade being thrown at the company, bourbon fanatics on Reddit chimed in with their two cents. Maker's Mark is one of the best-known bourbon brands. This bourbon is an award winner (Double Gold at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Platinum at the 2018 SIP Awards). 3. Garrison Brothers is the first legal whiskey distillery outside of Kentucky, meaning they've obtained the proper permits from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) to lawfully produce and distribute spirits through different businesses, vendors, and retailers (via Cobb & Counsel). Theres a mix of mild spice, bitter oak, ripe stone fruits, creamy vanilla, and an echo of salted caramel with little to no watery presence. Woodford Reserve has a historic, upscale feel to it. Sticking with Willett, Old Bardstown Estate Bottled 101 for $28 is a massive jump in quality, taste, and overall usefulness. More typically, it goes for $22 to $25 which makes you wonder about the aphorism "You get what you pay for. Because theyre not going to just dump a barrel of whiskey into the gutter, right? Knob Creek offers all of these, making it a model for what well-balanced bourbon is supposed to taste like. The distillery closed in 1992 but was resurrected in 2014 by Diageo, a company based out of London that specializes in a broad range of spirits. The bourbon is made from a mash bill of four grainscorn, wheat, rye, and barleyall grown locally. Not many of us have the ducats to stock our bars with only top-of-the-line, limited-edition releases. The end is long and leaves you with that boozy burn and a touch more of that sweet corn and butter. Jim Beam may not be practicing the world's most ambitious blending and distilling, but for a brand to have lasted over 200 years, it must be doing something right. Imagine the taste of Kentucky bourbon whiskey with the essence and spice of fermented peppers, garlic, and vinegar. It's sad but true. Naming your bourbon "Two Stars" doesn't seem like that great of a move. Its balance and wide appeal are what puts Knob Creek near the top of our list. Jim Beam is not only one of the biggest-selling bourbon brands, but it is one of the oldest. While a wallop, Batch 033 still drinks surprisingly smooth, with notes of applesauce, candied . Theres soooooooo much bourbon out there right now that it cant all be great, the best, or even very good. Fantastic whether you're sipping neat or mixing into a cocktail, this Barrel Strength Bourbon offers a palate of vanilla, orange peel, maple, and nutmeg, with a long, spice-filled finish. Bourbon aficionados will tell you that when purchasing a worthwhile whiskey, you should never be swayed by appearance and you should alwaysdo your research. But Whiskey Wash called their Yellow Label expression "the little black dress of bourbonappropriate for everything." Get $150 in bonus bets no matter what! Some reviewers on Flaviar noted that it had a rather off-putting aftertaste, and the word harsh came up multiple times. Generally, I log those and move on without slagging them off because its pretty obvious that a $7 plastic bottle of bourbon isnt going to be something anyone is going to line up to buy. There are hints of vanilla, overcooked popcorn, caramel, and what feels like fresh slices of Wonder Bread. Making a drink summery and wintery and pleasant to drink at the same time sounds like a fool's errand but Elijah Craig seems to have figured it out. For more than 50 years, bourbon has been recognized as a reward for hard work and a celebration of individuality. Distillery Trail writes that the Tennessee whiskey rests for 30 days in barrels that previously held Tabasco hot sauce. Bonus issued as non-withdrawable bonus bets that expire 14 days after. The burn carries through to the finish, muting the vanilla, peanut, caramel, and oak. The distillery's signature 10-year-old bourbon presents a nose of nutmeg, cream, vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon, and a palate that flirts with maple syrup, almond, cherry, and orange. The distillery's website states that this bourbon is aged a minimum of three years and has a mash bill consisting of 95% corn (100% from New York) and 5% malted barley. As The Bourbon Bard noted, "It's versatile with the fruit notes lending themselves to summer drinking and the spice coming through for colder winter nights." Wow, this is thin on the nose. Per the distiller's tasting notes, Larceny has aromas of toasted bread, maple, and cinnamon, and a reported taste of molasses, fig, and hazelnut. And this is where brands like Evan Williams come in handy. Sounds like some consumersfell hook, line, and sinker for a good story and mastermind publicity, ultimately ending up $50 short. Unfortunately, you can't make a wish and ask for your $50 back. Kentucky Gentleman Distillery: Barton 1792 Distillery (Sazerac Co.) ABV: 40% (80 proof) Price: $8.49. Produced by Western Spirits Beverage Company, a bottle of Lexington Bourbon will run you around $42, as sold on Caskers. The family's unusual longevity as owners is presumably due in part to its roots in pharmaceuticals, which enabled them to pivot to medicinal alcohol during Prohibition, keeping the distillery alive until better times returned. What tastes like creamed corn blended with scorched plastic, but comes in a really cool genie bottle? In this case, this is a standard straight bourbon thats sort of like a base-level Eagle Rare, in theory, but from barrels that didnt make the cut and were then proofed all the way down for bottling. Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey Check Price Buy now More typically, it goes for $22 to $25 which makes you wonder about the aphorism "You get what you pay for." Britannica writes that the art of distilling has been around since 800 BCE. First thing's first: this isn't Kentucky bourbon. Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. While not as big a name as Jim Beam or Wild Turkey, it's a widely distributed brand that you can serve at a big party without breaking the bank, yet won't be ashamed to mix into a cocktail for that bourbon snob friend. Now, hold onto that concept for one second. So, that sounds like granola? Getty Images for Bulleit Frontier Whiskey 1. According to The Manual, it turns out the two whiskeys are one and the same. Breaking Bourbon further noted that its smoothness, sweetness, and complexity make it easy and enjoyable to drink for both experienced and novice bourbon tasters. Officially defined as American-made corn-based whiskey aged in new charred oak barrels, bourbon first emerged in the 1780s in Kentucky, where settlers from Scotland and Ireland adapted their whiskey-making skills to local ingredients, as explained by The Spruce Eats. You're better than that. This expression is the bottom rung in bottle form. Meanwhile,Thirty One Whiskey explains that Jefferson doesn't distill anything the company just receives bourbon from other sources, then labels and sells it. Judging by how utterly unpalatable the Kentucky Straight Bourbon is on its own, maybe the company should stick to beer. The juice is aged in a fairly heavily charred oak barrel for an undisclosed amount of time (the youngest barrel is likely older than four years). So unless you're interested in dropping $35 to $40 for a pretty bottle that happens to be filled with unpleasant whiskey, don't do it. The low percentage of rye in the mix lowers the spice and focuses on the honey and leather notes. They usually disappear into cocktails or mixed drinks. While whiskey can be made anywhere, bourbon can only be made in the United States, according to Distiller, and its mash bill (grain composition) must contain at least 51% corn, a grain native to the Americas. As one individualwrites at Distiller, "it's probably a bourbon your old grand-dad would be content with, but I would suggest you and him trying other things." Distilled in Tennessee and aged in Kentucky, it's a 112-proof flavor bomb, offering everything from tropical fruit to thick clotted cream. This bourbon is aged six to eight years and has won multiple awards, including Whiskey of the Year by Whiskey Advocate in 2020 (via Kentucky Bourbon Trail). "There's some vanilla and brown sugar in the beginning, but it's immediately replaced by an overwhelming flavor of oak. Photo by David Prince. Over two centuries, the icon has churned out incredible releases, been named the best distillery in the world and even managed to create its own line of cigars.Sure, the distillery is known for producing legendary drams like Pappy Van Winkle and WL Weller, the stock standard release is .
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