Up next, check out 32 wedding day tips you need to know. Display foods in cocktail classes and tiered trays for a more upscale look as opposed to using plain serving platters on one flat surface. Hamachi crudo is deeply flavorful and is paired well with fresh ingredients. The first ceremony of the wedding day, this event consists of a pooja, after which the priest ties a scared thread called 'mouli' with a betel nut and a shell around the couple's right wrists. Falafel balls served on rustic wooden trays were the delectable choice during cocktail hour at this San Diego wedding. Bringing Transparency to the Wedding Industry. Curate a selection of local beverages, snacks, and sweets, and include a playlist to set the vibe for the festivities to follow. From light bites and non-alcoholic drinks to more substantial appetizers and boozy beverages, there are so many options to serve before you say I do.. Or, our choice: both! If you're incorporating anydance floor traditionsinto your wedding reception, such as the garter or bouquet toss, we'd suggest serving the late-night snacks after those take place. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your devices and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. Likewise, if your friends and family are traveling from out of town, some of them might not have time to grab a bite before heading to your venue. For most guests, the wedding cocktail hour is the best, most delicious part of the entire celebration. Quesadillas. You can even put the milk in a shot glass and set the cookie on top for a very adult presentation. Wrap up skewers of expertly grilled vegetables with a few savory slices of bacon. Like the mac 'n' cheese, this childhood classic will be a crowd-pleaser. Use your serving details (in this case, painted imitation oyster shells) to add color to appetizers like these seared sea scallops. Opt for mini tarts, so your friends and family can pop one into their mouths while standing. Was your first date at a Taco Bell? Host a mimosa bar with orange, grapefruit, and mango juices alongside fresh fruit garnishes like strawberries and blueberries. How Many Appetizers Should We Offer During Cocktail Hour? Follow it with the addition of your favorite popsicle flavors, like these one-of-a-kind options from Si! Yum! Tray-passed wedding midnight snack ideas If you're looking to bring the midnight snacks to your guests without them having to do any of the leg work, consider the option of tray-passed bites. Be sure to suggest local restaurants in the welcome bags, so guest know to handle dinner on their own upon arriving in town. Done and done. This makes for easy sauce-dipping and it's a more hygienic approach to finger foods. This one rivals the taco truck for sure. Your appetizers don't have to be expensive to look luxurious. "Tessa Brand, Owner, Tessa Lyn Events, "Keep it simple by making it a game night! This one sounds vague, but its the truth. This couple's selectionsa trio of fries that included sweet potato, waffle, and classic varietieswere set alongside an array of dipping sauce for the ultimate late-night treat. The marinated shrimp here is clearly the star. The good news is there are plenty of options available regardless of your budget, criteria, or the amount of energy youre willing to invest. Consider flavorsome rolls made with in-season vegetables, topped with a delectable sauce. Answer 1 of 25: Hey guys. Fried mac 'n' cheese lollipops? How much time should be scheduled for a photo session after the ceremony? The soft cheesy center is especially delicious with fresh, local fruit. Champagne and caviar are the epitome of elegant festivities. Summer rolls are a refreshing, nutritious choice that will keep guests super happy during a hot wedding cocktail hour. White chocolate dipped Oreos. 22. Serve lighter fare, like tuna tartare on wonton spoons, so that guests can easily grab and snack. Kick the presentation up a notch by serving them standing up on small pegs. These brides believed that more is, well, more when it came to dessert, so they had six gelato flavors on deck from Dolce Bacio, in addition to their wedding cake and cannolis. It can be simple with a variety of jams and butter or you can get a little more extravagant with meats like chicken or country ham and even bacon and eggs! 15. Is there a more iconic late-night snack than popcorn? 4. Lacie Hansen Photography. Espresso shots. Not looking to plan an additional party? ), Our 20 Most Inventive Ideas for Your Wedding Buffet, 22 Wedding Finger Foods That Will Satisfy Everyone's Palate, 11 Outdated Wedding Trends to Remove From Your Vision Board, According to Planners, 50 Ideas for an Unforgettable Post-Wedding Brunch, This Elegant Wedding in Provence, France, Incorporated a Custom Print from the Bride's Own Accessories Line, Your Ultimate Wedding-Planning Timeline and Checklist, 49 Dessert Table Ideas From Real Weddings, A Magnolia-Themed Backyard Wedding in Alexandria, Virginia, This Desert-Themed Wedding in Palm Springs Featured a Sunset-Inspired Color Palette, 29 Food Trucks and Mobile Bars That Can Roll Right Up to Your Wedding, 26 Delicious Wedding Ideas for Couples Crazy About Pizza, Wedding Cake Alternatives for the Couple Who Just Doesn't Like Cake, 25 Delicious Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Wedding, 25 Delicious Ways to Serve Carnival Food at Your Wedding. Smores station. You may have figured out your cocktail hour, main meal, and dessert, but what about after the dinner portion of the night is over, when youre hours into dancing and guests start to get hungry? If your brunch is super casual, make your invitation super casual too by using a text message invitation app that lets guests RSVP from their phones and sends automatic reminders. Whether you're planning a weekend of activities or simply want to welcome guests with celebration the evening before the reception, these ideas are sure to wow your attendees. 12. Add a touch of nostalgia to your wedding food with the ultimate classic: milk and cookies. For a less formal midnight snack option, go with a self-serve station so guests can chow down at their own leisure. For something whimsical and fun Why not try ice-cream sandwiches? For a full-on meal, variety is often appreciated but also not necessary if your party is small. Even if you didnt answer yes to any of these, consider working with a local fast food chain to get meals delivered on your big day. "Calista Osborn, Founder, Calista & Co. "Everybody loves a little competition! How Many Events Should You Really Plan for Your Wedding Weekend? Perfect for the couple with a sweet tooth, a spread of unexpected sugary treats will leave you and your guests fully satisfied. Soft pretzels are a great way to fill up at the end of a late night. Fruit and cheese go hand in hand and look luxurious served in ceramic spoons. Gardens, whether public or private, offer a beautiful backdrop for spring and summer post-wedding brunches. We love how the cilantro topping can double as a pretty garnish. A variety of cobblers, parfaits, and puddings will appease guests who aren't fans of cake or other pastry-style desserts. This is less of a snack and more of an essential if youre planning on hosting an after-party. 11. You can even make the drink your signature cocktail, which is what Chloe Lott and Alex Williams did for their wedding. The Royce Brook Golf Club has great views, a Koi pond, and an outdoor patio too. Our experts agree that guests will be wowed by a "hospitality suite" in the hotel. Ultimately, there's nothing wrong with sticking to tried-and-true wedding foods. However, hosting a pre-ceremony cocktail hour is a considerate gesture that enhances the guest experience by creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for your loved ones. You may choose to insert the maps into the ceremony programs, or, if you want to provide more lead time, include them in the invitations. For all other decor elements, consider what you and your guests will feel up to after your big day. There's so much more to your big day's hors d'oeuvres than shrimp cocktail and pigs-in-a-blanket (not that there's anything wrong with those options!). New favorite midnight snack alert: Soft pretzels paired with individual packets of mustard! Its an optional wedding event that takes place on the morning or early afternoon of the day after your wedding ceremony and reception. Read our article to find out everything you must know about the wedding shoe game to entertain your guests. We'll try our best not to overindulge in these (a date is basically a sweeter version of a prune). We love the idea of a customizable smores station with different varieties of chocolate to top off your delicious treat. This refreshing (and completely Instagrammable) wedding food idea was made for hot weather. We don't know about you, but we're always in the mood for Mexican. We love the way they display on a simple cedar wood cutting board. Curate a selection of local beverages, snacks, and sweets, and include a playlist to set the vibe for the festivities to follow." Calista Osborn, Founder, Calista & Co. You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site. Velvety crme frache and a generous dose of caviar are standard, but we're loving the crunchy chip base on these delectable bites. If you want to add some warm comfort food into the mix to top off your magical evening (perhaps for your fall wedding? The real secret to a reception that just won't stop? We also answer frequently asked questions about after-wedding brunches to have you well on your way to planning an unforgettable post-wedding celebration. From darling Savannah homes to coastline ceremonies, you'll love these Georgia venues for an intimate wedding. Raw salmon not a favorite for all of your guests? These are caprese boats, but the same idea could be used for salad favorites like caesar, Greek, or Cobb. Who wouldnt want to pet a fluffy cow at their brunch?! It's okay if most of your weddingguests are already on the dance floor or out of their seats by the time you bring out the goodsthe extra treats will take them by surprise, which is half the fun! The high wood beams covered in florals with boho rattan hanging lanterns are to die for. These frosted cookies from Kendall's Cakes are a great option. So instead of serving cake earlier in the night, save it and send it home with guests as they leave the reception. "Demi Meeker. Oysters don't suit your fancy? If youre looking for an upscale hors d'oeuvre to distribute at your pre-ceremony cocktail hour, caviar will do the trick. For warm-weather weddings in the great outdoors, sipping a chilled drink or taking a bite of a refreshing snack before you tie the knot will keep guests cool, to boot. We love how this fresh snack is light enough to indulge in several skewers. For light bites, you can make it more upscale or informal depending on the quality and presentation of your offerings. Prop up these tasty rolls with wooden pegs for a beautiful presentation. For a fun and unexpected midnight snack, treat your guests to cotton candy! Keep the season in mind as you plan your wedding hors doeuvres. This is genius in so many ways: It looks adorable and inventive, and it soaks the tacos up with all the delicious lime flavor. Offer an option of roasted beet tartare. Find wedding inspiration that fits your style with photos from real couples, Sit back and relax with travel info + exclusive deals for the hottest honeymoon destinations. Brauts and assorted sausages are sure to impress your guests. The bride, groom, and a few guests serve as the judging panel while guests in pairs duke it out for a chance to have their unique recipe featured on the big day, all while the clock is ticking!Michelle Rago, Founder, Michelle Rago Destinations, "Arrange a dessert bar featuring an ice cream cart in the summer or s'mores in the winter that guests can enjoy while they're checking in. 2023 Wedding Spot, Cvent Company. This couple added gelato (and sugar cones!) This appetizer is loaded with protein and nutrients that will fuel your guests for a long day of festivities. Beachside omelets and greek yogurt parfaits on a wood deck overlooking the waves? Tired of avocado toast? The idea is for the event to be intimate, fun, and laid back. The spicy cheesy salsa con queso dip served with these doughy bites looks especially tasty. It typically involves eating delicious food with your VIP wedding guests. Win, win! If you want options other than the local pizza joint, look for amobile brick oven pizza truckin your area or ask your caterer about serving gourmet flatbreads. This is one of the best wedding reception food menu ideas because it includes favorites like meats and cheeses, crackers, and fruits. Your late-night snacks should also be small and fairly easy to grab and go, allowing guests to continue mingling or head straight back to the dance floor. Get creative and switch up the fruits being served on each skewer. Find the perfect wedding venue for your budget! Here's how to do chips and salsa the easy way: Fill scoopable tortilla chips with fresh pico de gallo for grab-and-go snacking. Best late-night snack idea ever. Refreshing and crisp, they make the perfect snack for summer weddings. Getting ready to go to Vegas for a wedding and the bride is wanting to have a few people in her room for a small celebration after the ceremony. "Aurora Avila, Celebrations Manager, Rosewood Mayakoba. Plus, they're customized to include some essential wedding day details and a thank-you note. "Kaitlyn Hostetler, Event Planner & Director of Marketing, Evoke, "Greet guests upon check in with a bubbly bar to get everyone excited about the weekend ahead. Even though its an extra event to plan and (usually) pay for, its a great opportunity to connect with close friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere. You can have them already set up in the shade, brought out as the guests start to mill around. Before that, "W edding dresses in Europe actually came in all sorts of colors," etiquette expert Nick Leighton, co-host of the "Were You Raised By Wolves" podcast, told HuffPost. Sliders are one of the most classic wedding finger food ideas. Setting up an assortment of appetizers and beverages will help break the ice by encouraging the crowd to mix and mingle while partaking in a shared experience. While most hors doeuvres tend to be light and airy, these duck samosas with plum sauce are far more comforting. Serve beef sliders open-face on a biscuit to show off all their savory goodness. Weve seen quite a few variations of the coffee and donut wedding midnight snack option over the years, but our favorite is the tray-passed version. They're signatures for a reason, and there are so many ways to make expected cuisine unexpected, including serving those staples in unique ways. Avocado toast is always tasty, but when served on mini slices of toasted bruschetta? The best thing about these teeny-tiny slices is they can double as super-cute edible wedding favors. We love this option for casual backyard bashes. 25. Yes, please! Use food coloring to dye the waffles for a decorative spin and don't forget the syrup. Who said you can't have breakfast for dinneror for any meal? Ice cream sandwiches. Guests are sure to appreciate this helpful, creative touch! Top fresh bruschetta with smashed spring peas for a tasty and bright offering. Milk and cookies. This decadent concoction is impressive in presentation and flavor. Preview whats to come with illustrations of pretty mimosa glasses or waffles for invitation artwork. Wedding ceremonies typically last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. 16 Things You Need to Know to Pull Off an Outdoor Wedding, What to Eat on the Morning of Your Wedding, 25 More Ways to Serve Carnival Food at Your Wedding. If in doubt, always include cheese. Use of Wedding Spot is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. 25 Delicious Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Wedding, 29 Food Trucks and Mobile Bars That Can Roll Right Up to Your Wedding, These Late-Night Snacks Will Keep Your Wedding Going All Night Long, 23 Delicious Ways to Serve Donuts at Your Wedding, Wedding Cake Alternatives for the Couple Who Just Doesn't Like Cake, 37 Edible Wedding Favors Guests Will Eat Up (Literally! Fill your family and friends up on hearty veggies with some large, fried asparagus. You don't have to get hitched in Maine to serve up this New England classic. This wedding finger food idea wins the award for being almost too cute to eat. Take a look at our list of affordable wedding gifts for guests to ensure that they all know how grateful you are that theyre a part of the most special day of your lives. Classic Mediterranean food makes the best hors doeuvres at a boho-style wedding. Hoping to have your snack options and favors do double duty? This summer wedding had its snack scene on point. 1. 18. The bride at this wedding joked that guests would be fed whether they liked it or notthen proceeded to serve an extended dessert course at the after party that included fruit tartlets, tiramisu verrines, lemon shortbread, and more. Having a summer wedding? "Heather Sherrill, Production Manager, Aster & Park Events. Wedding receptions are a party after all, especially if you've booked a good band or DJ but despite the fun, late-night weddings can leave guests exhausted. And, let's face it, your guests might get a little hungry or thirsty in that amount of time, especially if they've traveled. Bite-sized foods and party foods, like mini hot dogs, slices of pizza, french fries, and doughnuts are some of the most popular wedding finger foodideas, but this is an opportunity to get creative and serve any snack that you simply can't do without on your big day. Now, these tacos are miniature. 7. The standard wedding reception is composed of a one-hour cocktail party and a four-hour reception usually centered around a meal. 20. Just another way to add personality to the menu. One perk to this particular appetizer? Place this elevated snack on an ornate tower in a courtyard, and enlist a live violinist to enhance the ambiance. Guests at this charming fall wedding took home late-night snacks of pumpkin bread from a local baker, Bee's Bake Shop. Skewer popcorn-sized fried chicken with a small waffle square for a delicious taste of southern comfort food. Because whats better than a late-night taco? "Welcome your guests with a hospitality suite in the hotel complete with snacks, drinks, and any first aid or travel items they may have forgotten to pack! full breakfast bar, coffee and doughnuts, etc.) The 16 Best 16th Anniversary Gifts to Wow Your S.O. To inspire your own creative fare, we've rounded up our favorite dishes with a twist from real weddings. Festive paper cones with fries and personalized packets of popcorn made the cocktail hour snacks compact enough to tote around, while milkshake shots, gelato carts, and churro donuts showed up the classic wedding cake. In case that doesn't completely stave off their hangover, a water bottle paired with Advil is an effective follow-up favor. Sweet, salty, and mouthwatering, nothing says celebration quite like Mexican street corn. Anything in a jar. Another flavorful bite for warmer seasons or climates is a lobster roll. Paletas. 2023 Wedding Spot, Cvent Company. Maybe your guests are peckish but dont want anything substantial that will weigh them down. Golf clubs are another great venue type for after-wedding brunches. Surprise your family and friends with delicious treats toward the end of your reception that will have them back on their feet and ready to hit the dance floor. Served in real coconuts engraved with your custom crest, these beverages will supplement a tropical beachside bash by using elements grown in the natural environment. What Is Cocktail Hour? Whats better than an ice cream sandwich that comes directly to you when youre coming off the dance floor? Get creative and offer versions with different 'dogs. The rice cakes make an excellent complement to some green ginseng tea. When it comes time to serve desserts, why display just one? After-brunch wedding venues like the Historic Rosemont also offer luxury amenities such as valet parking, 60 acres of breathtaking outdoor space, and fireplaces. A spread of snacks onsite will keep hunger at bay for the vow swap and help tide them over until the main cocktail hour and larger reception meal. Since this dish is heavy and dense, its great comfort food for ceremonies in cold weather. Plus, they're easy to pop in your mouth while socializing without too many additional accoutrements. Plus, out-of-towners will really appreciate the extra one-on-one time they get with you and other loved ones before they leave. Coffee/hot chocolate and donuts. DIY your own coffee and tea bar with a Keurig, a selection of high-quality K-cups, some milk and creamer carafes, sugars, and takeaway cups with your initials hand-stamped on the side. A Peking duck summer roll is the finest option if you want to treat your guests to something extra special. In this post, we cover ideas for food, decor, attire, invitations, venues, and more. Set up a mobile bar cart decorated with vibrant flowers at garden weddings, or denote a table of treats with a lucite sign for modern affairs. Is there anything better than a fresh s'more to round out your wedding reception? This is not your average sushi. They're signatures for a reason, and there . Biscuit bar. Be careful with thesemake sure to leave room for dinner! Mouthwatering Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Wedding. You have two options: a full-on meal or light bites. Picture this: Regular fries, sweet potato fries, yucca fries, and then a variety of spices and sauces so each guest can customize their ultimate fry fantasy. Many offer farm-to-table ingredients, stunning forest views, and even some animal encounters. 23. Popcorn. A dessert buffet will significantly help reduce the cost spent on your wedding cake. Add some cinnamon-sugar sweetness to your dessert spread by offering tiny churros. Ideally, it will be outdoors or in a setting where you have a little room to breathe after being surrounded by people the entire day before. We love farms and ranches for after-wedding brunch venues. 2. All rights reserved. There's a reason the party occurs so close to the ceremony: Tradition says the deeper the color of the bride's mehndi, the happier the bride and groom's marriage will be. La Bonne Cuisine Mac & cheese bites The Turnip Rose Promenade Gardens include a classic California indoor/outdoor vibe with a banquet hall that flows into a patio plus vast park grounds surrounding it. Let your guests pick out their donut of choice from individual cubbyholes. First things first, how do you know if a post-wedding brunch is something you should have? Doctor up the classic margarita with slices of jalapeo ahead of your I dos. With tequila, lime juice, and orange juice, this concoction complements sunny, beachy environments. Dr.sBoss, on September 27, 2017 at 4:39 PM Posted in Planning 5 50. Go virtual with any one of these floral brunch invitation designs from Greetings Island. And second, theyre incredibly easy to eat! We bet your guests would. Plus, they're sure to hold your guests over until dinner. So when do you play the shoe game at a wedding? A caterer was severely injured after a group of men attacked him with a frying ladle at a wedding ceremony in Pune. A sweet offering like this can be served as cocktail hour finger food or mini dessert bites. Then, foreshadow the moment you become newlyweds by completing the setup with a Just Married sign. Do you want a drink with a kick? Companies like The Popcorn Bar and The Popcorn Factory are great options to consider. By Alexandra Macon. Whether you choose a sandwich box with chips and a cookie or an In-N-Out burger box with fries, we love the idea of having a mini-meal boxed up and ready for guests to grab on their way out. Put a twist on the most classic of all cocktail foods and skewer the cocktail shrimp. Not all late night snacks have to be loaded with sugaror salt. Signature sips are not just reserved for cocktails. Incorporate different toppings and sauces into your pretzel stand so guests can customize each one to their liking. Tray passed espresso shots might be our favorite on the list just because it is so unique and a great way to keep the celebration going. Take this idea even further and use an edible serving container for a zero-waste treat. To make the most of this and other similar venues, inquire about furniture rentals or public picnic tables ahead of time so you dont have to worry about seating at your event. If youre making it official any time from June and August, a citrus drink will quench your guests thirst and nod to the season. A bite-sized version of the classic spectator's snack, pretzels with a cheesy dip is salty and satisfying. 4. Miniature egg rolls or spring rolls with a signature sauce are perfect cocktail hour bites. No matter what kind of welcome party you're looking to throw, our experts are offering 12 creative ideas that will inspire your pre-nuptial celebration. Theres nothing more celebratory than popping open a bottle of bubbly on your special day. If you can't serve them on individual plates, be sure to provide toothpicks or mini forks for guests to grab these cheesy treats. Not only are they fun, but theyre also relatively easy to pull off anywhere and on virtually any budget. Since your friends and family will be grazing on tasty goodies all day and night, serving refreshments before your vow exchange isnt a requirement. Or, offer a full raw bar with both and a side of lobster like this couple did at their nautical wedding in Montauk. You can also use the containers to incorporate your joint monogram or display your wedding hashtag. If your wedding vibe leans more southern, a biscuit bar is calling your name. For some couples, especially if you arent hosting a weekend of events, the ceremony is the first time many of your guests will be meeting one another. Amp up oysters by serving them your favorite way. This breakfast-inspired wedding finger food idea would be perfect for a daytime reception or brunch bridal shower. P, on January 15, 2010 at 5:30 PM Posted in Planning 6. This is another snack that has many different presentation options, which we love. Puff pastries stuffed with light, fluffy eggs will stave off your guests hunger pangs throughout your ceremony. Yes, please. One-bite snacks are always a win with cocktail party hors doeuvres. 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