I just renewed the 2nd time Sentri card membership , upon arrival to US custom walking border in San ysidro , San Diego Boarder two days ago , I had my cellphone in my hand ,officer who was sitting in kiosk yelled at me from far , when he was reviewing other sentri passengers documents and said you used your cell , you do not see the sign , Ill take your card , when I entered for inspection , I said I did not used it was in my hand , he took me to another room and two officers there scanned my new card and returned it to me and said you can go, its 2nd day that it happened , I checked my SENTRI account online , so far no revocation , will they revoke my membership ? In 2019 I received a Neg driving conviction. Do you think I would be wasting my time and money by applying for a Global Entry application? When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Avvo Rating: 9.2. After a 38 year period, is there any scenario that you can see where I dont qualify? Other options include Mobile Passport, which is an app run by CBP that works almost as well as GE. CBP does not seem to be giving out reasons for denials now. I was approved for Global Entry in October 2015 after the incident referred to below occurred (May 2013). I was denied because my wife overstayed her visa before we got married. I saw the following language in a Global Entry membership decision letter: has a 2010 DUI arrest and conviction, https://thinkimmigration.org/blog/2021/08/04/trusted-traveler-program-fumbles/, Expansion of Central American Minors Program Offers New Opportunities for Families to Reunite, ICE Is Shifting Bond Payments to an Electronic System, Texas Proposed Border Protection Unit Doubles Down on Failed Deterrence Policies, The Border Patrols Inhumanity Has Reached New Heights, GOPs Extreme Border Bill Rejects Solutions and Embraces Ending Asylum, CBP $5k SENTRI Fines: A Common Mistake Made, CBP $5k SENTRI Fines: Questionable Recent CBP Tactics at San Ysidro, CBP is issuing fines for SENTRI violations ($5k) at San Ysidro Port of Entry. Also,if yes,should I get a certified copy of the court order if I already had the original copy they sent to me via mail? They told me I could pay $500 now, or I could go to court and pay $5,000. I would expect they would deny you. The case was also sealed after one year and there was no conviction. Also, since the conviction was expunged, how am I to go about getting original copies of the court documents? Ive disclosed this violation during the interview. It was my 1st time crossing Otay border and I had a cbp officer who didnt guide me well .. I got conditional approval within days and at the time of the interview the officer didnt even look at any documents ( said she had all the information and was actually very very nice) and I was approved. How long do you think until we apply for GE again? The original citation was for misdemeanor shop lifting, but the charge was lowered to misdemeanor trespassing. I just did a blog for Think Immigration where I discussed this issue. all the info said do not meet eligibility requirements. Declare any violation. I was approved for sentri and am waiting on the card to arrive. Based on what Ive read Im going to be denied (first time applying to GE). Today I got a notice saying that it has overturned the denial/revocation of your membership and was issued a pre-approval. At this point even if I get an approval I wish I get an interview to attend since I want to ask the officer if I need to answer Yes to this question every 5 years during renewal till my dying day? They send me to secondary inspection every time I cross the US-Mexico land border. We went yesterday to get my daughters she is 6 month old, sentri and was granted. The post Expansion of Central American Minors Program Offers New Opportunities for Families to Reunite appeared first on Immigration Impact. How to correct that is anyones guess. CBP generally likes to see the passage of time with no further negative incidents before reinstating an applicant. I didnt realize it at the time, but I think this reasulted in an arrest record. July 28, 2020 My Global Entry membership, which is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved travelers upon arrival in the United States, was revoked 3 days after I attended a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown San Diego. You could re-apply or choose to apply for reinstatement with the Ombudsman. Do you think well be denied? The initial Global Entry application is available online at the U.S. I think you should obtain the proper documentation of that incident. Juvenile incidents are largely private matters. I pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor possession charge in 2016, and my record was expunged. I would recommend obtaining certified copies of the court disposition or transcript (different courthouses use different names for it) so you can show CBP the dispositions for these incidents. I plan on doing allot of travel between the US and Ecuador. $5000+ to appeal or pay $90 fine, paid the fine in 1996. So there is now a case where someone with more than one got approval. It also asks for fast id# membership number etc I never had one .should I say no never applied but I dont want to lie, Contact customer service for this question, please. It has been 5 months and the application is still in pending review status. It has been more than 10 years plus that was my only mistake and I have a clean record. I was arrested for a DUII and was offered to enter a diversion program for 12 months. I got denied yesterday with no true reason given outside of other and that I did not meet the program eligibility requirements. All 3 agencies issued me letters stating that I no reportable criminal history. I do not believe that is a criminal offense. I guess the more general question is, if you have successfully won the appeal with Ombudsman is it a done deal and the interview a simple formality at this point? All were much later than 10 yrs. Fast forward to this past March 2022. I am currently pleading guilty with a deferred entry of judgement for a federal felony. I recently saw a reference to this policy in writing. I have been conditionally approved and have a upcoming interview. A DUI is a criminal violation. If it was a felony, you may have been charged as an adult. When CBP fingerprinted me, I didnt show up in the database. However the system sent me to an officer who sent me to secondary and after sometime they just asked me to leave after checking. What to Include in an Appeal Letter In an appeal letter, you state the situation or event, explain why you think it was wrong or unjust, and state what you hope the new outcome will be. Go to options 2, do not collect $200. I am aware of other people who had DACA before and now have SENTRI can I try to as for an appeal this? Application was approved, denied at the interview. Is this document what you mean by court disposition. I have the police report as well but figure that might be overkill! If I am denied again could I then appeal again or is that final? As I understand, CBP is focused on criminal, customs, and immigration violations. I am unclear what you mean by dismissed. Feel free to call me to discuss this further. I only noticed it now. The case was dismissed. Is the arrest question new since 2016. Do you think my global entry application will be denied? I would amend that answer if you receive an interview. I have not had any other incidents since thenand just to confirm if I had missed anything else I ran a DOJ background check through my state and did a FBI fingerprint background check as well. Keep your letter short. I had a Reckless driving conviction in 2014 that was later expunged from my record. Is CBP Actually Fining $5000 for SENTRI Lane Violations? Paragraph 3State the outcome that you want (Do you want your employer to overturn a decision? I recently applied and its been 11 years since the conviction but a couple weeks shy of 10 years of completion of the probation. Note: If you have an American Express Platinum card, use it to pay this fee and Amex will reimburse you for the $100 fee as part of its Membership Rewards program. Right now, I am waiting to hear back from CPB, do you think my application would be denied and if so could I appeal? What do you do when they say you had a customs violation but it wasnt you. I just applied and hoping they look at the offense, time frame, current public trust level, and my job as mitigating factors. Forget my driver license at home The problem is that CBP knows nothing about basic customer service. Got GE card right away. I am wondering, in your opinion, should I even bother applying for a Global Entry pass? I have no control or opinion on processing times. So, if you only have one, you probably have a good argument for reinstatement. Hopefully, the CBP officer reviewing your case will approve. I got the case expunged several years ago and have no other convictions. I dont remember answering and dont want to fill it in it I left blank last time or leave it blank if I filled it in last time (but I am almost sure there was no arrest question. I got denied for GE. I really need it because i look after a parent and their doctor is in mexico and we need to go to have her seen. Include necessary contact information so they can follow up with you. I did put that i have criminal record on my appication. I am writing to appeal your decision not to grant my annual pay raise, which we discussed last Tuesday at our annual review meeting. Juvenile incidents are generally sealed and not considered adult criminal offenses. I was conditionally approved but denied at the interview. waaay back in 1976 California reduced simple marijuana possession to an infraction. You would need to obtain certified copies of court records, and the like. My car and i backed up and finally went to Inspection after that day I was just getting sent to Inspection everyday It is going to be 10 months already with going to Inspection and I had nothing in my car I just went the wrong way and didnt know where to go..would this effect me in getting the sentri if it was an incident? The reason listed is that You are not eligible for TTP programs. I would estimate that CBP would initially deny you. (Non-drug and not involving and CBP-type violations). She never changed her out of state drivers license over to our current state. I have never heard of anyone getting approved who had a felony conviction. Not sure if its worth trying. I cant get pass the first filter, have never been able to get to an actual appointment. Will I be denied sentri? In your letter, explicitly state what you hope will happen. If you were charged as a minor, ie. I would recommend obtaining certified copies of the court disposition or transcript (different courthouses use different names for it) so you can show CBP the dispositions for these incidents. You could try Mobile Passport for international travel and apply directly for TSA PreCheck instead if you decide not to re-apply to the Trusted Traveler program. Can I get my sentri revoke if I had a collision but there were no law violations, no injuries, or deaths. Should I bother applying?? I have a TSA pre-check but was denied for Global Entry. Last Modified: August 19, 2021. I was the only one with Global Entry and I took the fast lane to enter back into the US, but I also had a rental car and my two folks, who didnt have Global Entry. My question disappeared! Never went to jail. Any tips? In Oct, 2017 I was approved for Global Entry Membership. Is that right? I was arrested for DUI which was reduced to negligent driving to the first degree (misdemeanor) 5 years ago in Washington State. Send sentri appeal letter example via email, link, or fax. I was convicted of indecent exposure as an 18yr in 2006 no other issue since. Is this still considered a conviction even though it was dismissed by the courts? Other than that, I have no criminal record, or anything on my background. I highly doubt that CBP would approve. I was mistaken when I stated I had a DUI from 13 yrs ago. I have never heard of someone receiving SENTRI with more than one conviction. I would recommend obtaining certified copies of the court disposition or transcript (different courthouses use different names for it) so you can show CBP the disposition for this incident.
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