3 !1AQa"q2B#$Rb34rC%Scs5&DTdEt6UeuF'Vfv7GWgw 5 !1AQaq"2B#R3$brCScs4%&5DTdEU6teuFVfv'7GWgw ? D - Domestic F - Foreign W Windshield D Door V Vent S Side L Flat Laminated Windshields Backlite Limos sometimes have an additional pillar and more glass in its design. Search. Cross reference Ford parts using either of the three methods offered on FordParts.com. CROSS-REFERENCE SEARCH by Part Number or Manufacturer OBSOLETE PART SEARCH This cross-reference search will assist you in finding Analog Devices products that are equivalent, similar, substitute or alternate replacement to other Analog Devices products or products of other manufacturers. Make You will get notified by email and push notifications if using our AutoGlassCRM app. This is the most desired and important figure added to the CP calculation. The insurance companies and the consumer bought in to the new program because they saw little difference between the average costs of a replacement. In either case, the full or partial invoice is usually a transaction where the insurance company is involved. When you combine the various glass tint options with the sunshade options you will find that there is a large selection to choose from. Ft. Welcome to the Cross Reference Tool.To begin, type in the partial or full part number The pillar is the part of the vehicle that separates the lower body with the roof, which also supports the roof. Required fields are marked *. This standard was devised to incorporate the bar code labeling system used on many products in the marketplace. This area is located directly behind the rear seats and can be used for either cargo or, if so equipped, extra seating. The more sophisticated the glass became, the more r parts were added to the list. The only thing attached to the glass that is not considered an attachment is the mirror pad. Follow this link to Ford Glass Replacement positions letter. you are seeking to replace. Precision Premium Automotive Glass Parts | Automotive Parts It all started with the desire of auto glass shops to simplify list pricing and make it more representative of the true cost of the glass. The Numerical Parts Listings section is a cross-reference. This cross-reference search will assist you in finding Analog Devices products that are equivalent, similar, substitute or alternate replacement to other Analog Devices products or products of other manufacturers. Though ownership has changed the information in this chapter has not. Rate it: NAGS. We publish automotive aftermarket glass information for all vehicles, including domestic and foreign, sold in the U.S. and Canadian markets three times a year. These are sometimes called variable costs because they change from one vehicle and assignment to another. DB10121, Required minimum of 4 characters. Plus, get your first 10 lookups free! This may seem straightforward. The first NAGS glass pattern (#1) was for a 1926 Model K, Series 5, Touring and Roadster Chevrolet. Many glass distributors offer a computerized part look-up service for their customers online. So far no cross-references.. For an example, some glass parts were shared between Mazda vehicles and Ford vehicles. This website stores cookies on your computer. This indicates that a part may have to be replaced to complete the job to the customers satisfaction. Subscribe today! In the early years of billing auto glass services, the auto glass shop would bill the insurance company or the retail customer directly for the services it performed. Hardtop a hardtop does not have a B pillar or a frame surrounding the door glass. The back is squared off like a station wagon allowing for more cargo hauling capability. Use our interchange cross-reference search tool to find similar automotive parts between OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), competing brands, or parts from brands like NGK which may have different stock and manufacturer numbers. To follow along with this section you should have a copy of the Catalog and Calculator or computer software of choice. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a . The oldest car for which NAGS has a pattern is a 1915 Touring and Roadster Ford; Pattern #49 is a 2-part (upper and lower) windshield pattern. Cost is determined by the wholesale price of goods sold. Search parts by: Year, Make, Model Ford Service Part Number NAGS ID Ford Engineering Number Year Make Model Glass Type Search Year/Make/Model Note: In some cases the last Alpha Character/s may not be updated in the database. This is sometimes called a liftback body style. indicate the part type and its location on the vehicle. While Schneider Electric has undertaken Please enter your credentials below! However, we highly recommend that you purchase or lease your own software as soon as you can afford the investment. Either business plan can work successfully, but its important to consider all variables when determining your pricing strategy. Long lead times and no inventory? Added color added to the batch that you cannot see through, is called privacy. This means that the vehicle is partially owned by the financial organization. 2018 Omega Glass LLC. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); CLICK HERE to sign up to be notified when the DOT number database is updated. Hear the difference with SoundScreen its quietly exceeding expectations.. 45YxuBOOFBR. Note: In some cases the last Alpha Character/s may not be updated in the database. . This article is from glassBYTEs, the free e-newsletter that covers the latest auto glass industry news. That pricing mechanism is used by a variety of people in the industry, Rozint says. WARRANTIES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY [NAGS] was never intended to be a mechanism for getting [parts numbers], Rozint says. This helps if a part seems to be too short or too long. The customer only knows that glass is something we look through and not at. If it does not have a sunshade band the second letter will be T for tint. Play Video Print. Most vehicles today are purchased through financial organizations like banks and finance companies using the vehicle itself as collateral. NAGS realized this and began a series of presentations on the restructuring of the pricing model at glass industry gatherings and at insurance company offices nationwide. The objectives of this course are as follows: National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) or NAGS International of San Diego, California was founded in 1927 in Denver. It is necessary to be familiar with the part numbers, pricing procedures and publications they provide so the best possible service can be supplied to your customer. Following are the symbols used by NAGS: These notations follow the labor hours. The "MOP" indicates the trade name, Mopar. Full-size vans are more rugged. How to use nag in a sentence. The notation stands for May Require New Moldings. Carlex President Message to Customers, Team Members, Colleagues Worldwide (Click Here). All other parts will have the Y tag. In Mitchell Cloud Glass, we provide the most common [parts] numbers that are associated with that model, Rozint says. They indicate part interchangeability, additional moldings and clips, special properties of the glass part, adhesive requirements, etc. In 1880 there were 7 Nags families living in West Virginia. On November 1, 2022, "My Collection" sets will be discontinued and no longer available. We urge you to visit the NAGS web site (https://www.mitchell.com/products-services/collision-repair-shop-solutions/glass-and-invoicing-management/glassmate) for more information on their publications and products. Owning ones job is much simpler early on and requires less monetary outlay. Cross reference GM parts numbers by entering the part number and selecting the make of the car on the Part Number Search page on GMPartsOnline.net. The second letter is the color of the sunshade band at the top if it has one. There are two categories to automobiles, domestic and foreign. The last two digits declare the bulk quantity. Just as a make is the name of a particular manufacturer, a model is the name or number of a particular vehicle. Long-term Goals Is your goal to build wealth or own your job? They are issued letters starting with the letter A. Schneider Electric shall not be responsible for any claims based upon It was used for pricing parts and figuring out our cost of goods. Finally, we get to the actual glass part listings. Sunshade glass is tinted glass with a darker tint at the top that gradually becomes lighter as the tint travels down the glass. The cab must be tilted forward to gain access to the engine. equivalent products, these may not necessarily be equivalent as to form-fit-function Some parts have special features or need special considerations. Through research in the market, Mitchell gathered benchmark data that appears in NAGS. If our tool fails to provide the correct part for the requested vehicle opening, you're not charged. Schneider Electric SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED The NAGS Air Bag Quick Reference Manual is published annually and can help prevent injuries from accidental air bag deployments. Foreign manufacturers have taken the lead from the domestics and have added different makes within their family of vehicles. (Enter all or part of the NAGS ID) Search using Year/Make/Model. At the bottom of every page is a legend of notations that help in pricing the part, ordering the glass, and scheduling the work. Each NAGS number has a separate listing for color because pricing differs according to color. In some cases, a 2012 model vehicle was introduced in the fall of 2010. The vehicle is usually stretched another foot in length to allow for more capacity. Do they pay with cash, credit, or through insurance? Cost Plus (CP) is a pricing strategy used for years in business, but our industry is relatively new to this concept. For example, Toyotas luxury division is Lexus, Nissans is the Infiniti, Hyundai has the Genesis luxury brand and Hondas is the Acura nameplate. To narrow down your selection, first select the part manufacturer from the list provided. U.S. Lags in Electric Vehicle Sales Despite Biden Administrations Push. " [NAGS] was never intended to be a mechanism for getting [parts numbers]," Rozint says. Now for the Plus side of the equation, profit. The Calculator is published twice annually, to reflect pricing changes and additions. These are favorite vehicles for van conversions. If the result does not populate or appears to not match, reach out to a Carlex representative for assistance. This saves the insurance companies millions of dollars in handling costs. Finally, the D pillar would be the last body pillar in the back-glass area. Vans are distinguishable by a short front-end and long cargo area. Dodge Truck Parts Catalog CUSTOMIZE Truck parts & Accessories For Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge Trucks & SUVs. The DR11958 is a gray privacy tinted domestic roof glass with hardware. Order the right piece of glass the first time. Vans come in three basic styles: mini-vans, full-size vans and extended vans. The last two digits of the first number are replaced by the two digits right of the hyphen. One reason is that through your own software you can check numerous distributors in your area for availability and price of parts. Updated and under one cover, this catalog wont ever go out of date. To date, this has been received with mixed results. Understand the role of the National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS), Know how to read and understand the NAGS Catalog and Calculator, Be familiar with the other NAGS publications and database, Understand and work with vehicle makes, models, and body styles, Know how the industry prices and picks parts, A rear vent glass and door glass are on the door. After every two-letter color code is either a Y for yes or an N for no. Most businesses take their cost of goods, add the fixed and variable costs, add in a reasonable profit, and price their goods and services accordingly. The list price is $1111.50, and the estimated labor time is one hour to complete the job. We discounted off NAGS list when we quoted the price of glass to our customers, and we purchased our glass by using a multiplier of NAGS list. It usually has four sets of roof pillars, A-D. Convertibles A convertible has a top that can be raised, lowered, or removed. Tempered glass cannot be sunshaded. Even though the insurance industry still uses the NAGS list price to negotiate their cost, many shops use different way to price retail customers or fleets. With Mitchell Cloud Glass, a VIN can be entered and the system will retrieve for the most commonly accessed parts the NAGS number which is associated with an OEM part number. To cross reference Ford parts, enter the VIN code, the part number or the make and model of the vehicle. This is accomplished by using tinted glass and a laminate (PVB) that has a darker band on the top. Note: There are some exceptions to this rule. To make matters worse, some companies have introduced half-year models. NAGS Part No. These were the predecessors of the NAGS numbers we use today. SoundScreen acoustic windshields come standard on nearly all Ford and Lincoln vehicles. They felt that their profits would suffer for the change. The quarter glass is mounted to the body, BEHIND the door. These stories have been researched for the benefit of professional AGRR shop owners and installers. NAGS publishes the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide for working safely around air bags. Most manufacturers, except for luxury or sport luxury vehicles, want at least one model in each size class. Station Wagon A station wagon has a squared off rear-end. Extended vans are haulers. Only pay for successful lookups. This type of van can have up to five sets of pillars. Read more about our privacy policy. Interested in the latest news and articles about ADI products, design tools, training and events? Hint: Wildcard option is available by using a % symbol. Some manufactures / parts have a Nags part number on them. PART DESCRIPTION NAGS Number Dealer Part # Continental SL:17-? The windshield for a 2019 Chevrolet XTS 4 Door Sedan. It is not necessarily the part that matches the VIN. If you have questions or request assistance, please, 1995 - 2023 Analog Devices, Inc. All Rights Reserved, View Parametric Data for researching parts. Netizens Against Gratuitous Spamming. Carlex replacement glass is designed and built to the highest quality standards and meets or exceeds all federal safety standards for automotive glass. Utility vehicles can be either two- or four-wheel drive trucks. selector product is an appropriate replacement for another product in a particular We, professionals, must guide the customer through the decision of what color glass is in their vehicle. Published every four months, our NAGS catalogs, calculators and windshield hardware guides help ensure that you have the data you need for proper and safe auto glass repair and replacement. In order to go from a VIN to parts, you must have the manufacturers build sheet data which is not readily available in the aftermarket for some OEMs, Rozint says. The new Catalog lists vehicles that go back approximately 10 model years, depending on when a model ended production. The build sheet lists each option and item on that particular vehicle. It is important to understand how the print publications are read. Twenty to thirty years ago, only one or two windshield options were available for each vehicle, Rozint says, but now multiple options are available. Glass, molding retention and technology similarities are shared between brands. We offer 40 years of vehicle informationincluding domestic and foreign vehiclesto meet demand for older model books. This Calculator has become the pricing bible. Early patterns were numbered to differentiate between the parts. NAGS International has positioned itself to be our industry information provider when it concerns parts and pricing. . This information can be found by searching for the obsolete product by part number. In the Catalog listings, you will see a number that looks like this: This indicates two different parts. Less paperwork, and little or no postage reduces the cost, resulting in more profit for the insurance company. However, the technician or CSR can differentiate between the different parts by looking for the model year on the drivers side doorjamb along the B pillar or by the 10th digit from the left on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). They can also assist in some ways with the installation process, such as, pre-, and post-inspections, product usage for inventory control and warranty work tracking. Now, how do you guide the customer through their color options? field one example Ex. The C pillar is between the rear seat and the rear storage area on a station wagon body style or the rear-most pillar on a sedan or coupe. These include the cost (to you) of glass, adhesive system, supplies, moldings if required, and any other parts required in completing the work. The number following the N refers to the part segment and is different for each. A pick-up truck is one that has an exposed cargo bed. The site cross references the submitted part number before providing specific details about the part. Privacy Policy. In particular, the Receiving Party agrees to advise all users of its product cross-reference Usually, this dot matrix pattern drops down on the glass just above the rearview mirror. Please let us know using the "Report An Issue" button if you encounter this (or any) issues. Some manufacturers make build sheet information available to databases and NAGS, and others do not. For understanding the difference between a vent glass and a quarter glass follow this simple definition: The NAGS Catalog is arranged alphabetically by make, then by model and then body style. Its primary business initially was producing and selling patterns for cutting flat auto glass. A 2000 model vehicle was made starting in the fall of 1999 and continued to the fall of 2000. Need help locating the number? NAGS Catalog We publish automotive aftermarket glass information for all vehicles, including domestic and foreign, sold in the U.S. and Canadian markets three times a year. Enter Competitor Part Number: Exact equals to many precision catalog items. Accessing this course requires a login. You will notice on some vehicle listings in the NAGS Catalogs, there is an m sign. Business Professional Organizations. Quarter Glass Utilize the Ondrives.US competitor cross reference tool to locate an equivalent Ondrives.US product from a competitor's part number. If a glass is broken, the owner uses the insurance to pay for the replacement. Analog Devices is in the process of updating our website. NAGS Number Prefixes - DW01213 GTNMOP The NAGS part number prefixes (DB, DD, DQ, etc.) Many loaning institutions require that the vehicle be insured to protect their investment. Ondrives' competitor cross reference tool provides exact equals to many of our precision catalog items. Air Bag Quick Reference Guide NAGS publishes the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide for working safely around air bags. application. Please note that success rates are higher with windshield parts. Roof A glass part can have more than one of these symbols attached to it. Each listing includes the NAGS number, make of vehicle, year, and the page number of the vehicle listing on which the part is found. Always replace your glass with the original part designed to fit and perform for your vehicle. For the most part, clear glass is almost obsolete. Rozint says he does not know of any auto glass information provider that has all vehicle build sheets. It is best to have all the options available to you for customer satisfaction. The m designation is the way that NAGS warns you of this eventuality. Rate it: NAGS. To illustrate this further, let us use an example of a family. No reproduction, in print, electronic or any form without the expressed written permission of the publisher. Please reference the chart for easy-to-find information about: oEms . Quarter Glass Contact our experienced Tempered @@@@@@@@@@@@ " "? Glass technology, contractual obligations between glass manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers, and imported glass from offshore countries make it impossible to create a list price that doesnt include exceptions to the pricing norms. Miscellaneous Unclassified. VIN. experienced application engineers. First 10 lookups free! Ricambi e Accessori Auto Americane Elenco Ricambi per Produttore By clicking Accept All, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. NAGS Part Numbers were soon adopted as the industry standard to identify glass. If you have any additional questions regarding the status of a product, please contact our Then locate the Chevrolet model listing and follow along with our descriptions. Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Central Glass. NAGS heard the concerns of the industry and saw the opportunity to develop a plan to reduce the r parts and to switch the industry to a labor-based pricing model in one initiative. LAM LHRD w/1 clip DD12668 GTY GD9Z 5425713 A WS:17-? Web receive the latest auto glass data. The B pillar is the roof pillar that separates the front seat area and the rear seat. The typical model year started in the fall of the year previous. All rights reserved. See why Carlex is the best replacement glass for your vehicle. Visitors have the right to withdraw their consent. The r parts were a problem for the auto glass shop because they were priced differently than the other parts listed in NAGS and they needed to have special authorization from insurance companies, which caused inconvenience to the insured. Mitchell Cloud provides the make, model and likely part number, as well as OEM repair procedures. Tesla is still in development of its sales and delivery system. (Call us at 1-888-260-7466 . For instance, the same NAGS number applies to a Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, and Cadillac Escalade because the same piece of glass will fit all of these models. DB10121, Required minimum of 4 characters, Find installers in the US by postal code: In the sample above, the DD11750 is a green tinted domestic door glass without hardware attached to the glass. The Carlex team knows replacement glass. These exceptions were called r parts. Our catalogs, calculators and windshield hardware guides are published every four months with the latest data for the entire auto glass industry. Cab Over Engine (C.O.E.) !7Dp)AQ)))~W~3*@T.Z5U-sx#J;kDJt!DtBmB864x~*/ID5iR}PdhS4p4F?%P`e_*FtpE5}&KLkhU9a4p-. Though the computer age is upon us, the print Catalogs and Calculators are still regularly used industry wide. In addition, all vehicles have different body styles to choose from such as coupes, sedans, and station wagons. The Calculator is divided into ten sections: Every page has four columns and within these are five sub-columns of information: NAGS Number, Color Code, Price, Labor Hours, and Footnotes. National Auto Glass Specifications, [Detroit, MI, USA]. Color is added when the raw materials, of sand, soda ash, and limestone are melted into molten glass. However, this simple pricing program has changed in recent years because of variable pricing by distributers and manufacturers. Obtain the most current NAGS Catalog and list the NAGS numbers of the parts below. You are the sole employee and get to keep the money you earn. All parts in the catalog are set up with an Alliance Truck Parts number. The NAGS Calculators give the list price of all the auto glass parts by NAGS number. This indicates if there is hardware attached to or included with the glass part. What is the difference between a rear vent glass and a quarter glass? Mini vans are very popular because they are easier to handle and ride like a car rather than a truck. However, the glass suppliers had a problem with the new pricing arraignment because they wanted to control their own pricing of goods. Our Carlite truck sliders deliver quality the knock-offs cant touch, from superior fit and finish to safety and security. field two example A03100. Door The build sheet will also have the vehicles ADAS information, and, therefore, the vehicles correct windshield part information. Many pricing profiles must be entered into the software to facilitate quick and accurate estimates. To understand body styles, one must understand the pillar assignments given to the vehicle body. The front door glass would then precede the rear door glass, etc. This greatly reduces the cost involved with the processing a claim, because fewer people are needed to handle the paperwork. Numbers were assigned to these patterns, which were compiled into a catalog. However, as it says in the app, this information is for reference only and is not intended to guarantee a correct part number for the VIN being repaired. This is not considered a success and you will not be billed. Over time these catalog numbers became accepted by the aftermarket auto glass industry as part numbers. The passenger side rear vent glass for a 2019 BMW X4 GT 4 Hatchback. Therefore, most major distributors created their own net price list, which confused things for the retail shop. Some companies recalculate costs on a quarterly basis, others do it yearly and others only revisit the cost calculation when a large change was noticed. Usually, the privacy glass is black or gray. If your name is John Smith and your sisters name is Jane Smith, your family name, Smith, is like the make of a vehicle (Ford). (enter all or part of the nags id) search using year/make/model. Once your calculations are made, they must be updated as often as possible. NAGS International is now a division of Michell International and as of 2018, Mitchell is owned by Stone Point Capital. Rozint thinks technicians confused NAGS purpose with Mitchells Cloud Glass point-of-sale solution, the latter also provides parts numbers. Ford manufactures Ford, Lincoln and Mercury automobiles and trucks, though the Mercury brand ended in 2011.
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