} If she gets enough voters fooled to waste their votes on her, she will be solely to blame for the next four years. Congressional Representative Yvette Herrell, NM governors race hones in on crime, education and the economy ahead of general election, Post-Roe, abortion is playing a central role in NM governor's race, Amid high crime, BernCo voters set to pick new sheriff, Stansbury seeks to retain seat in CD1 against Republican challenger and write-in candidate. Im just as important as he is, Bedonie said of Ronchetti. For the sake of NM and the people in it, run the next available time around! The following candidates ran in the Democratic primary for U.S. House New Mexico District 3 on June 2, 2020. } padding-left: 10px; Sorry, there are no recent results for popular images. } $('.hideResponses').hide(); When asked if she believes Joe Biden rightfully won the 2020 presidential election, she said no. Im not working for that woman, Bedonie said. left: 0px; Stunning views of a fir forest. She started out studying engineering at Northern Arizona University. margin-bottom: 4px; Not that shell necessarily trust the election results. Ethics complaint lodged against Libertarian gubernatorial candidate. She initially tried to run for Governor as a Republican, but said she faced opposition from the party itself. text-align: left; } float: left; How crazy are you really thinking this is because its impossible to split a vote that was never his? She would rather see MLG get four more years than see Ronchetti win. Her only motivation was exactly as she stated to keep Mark from winning, and as unstated, to keep the incumbent!!! Cities | Ensuring compliance and remaining transparent and honest with voters is required by law and is every candidates responsibility.. margin: auto; >> I AM RUNNING FOR THE GOVERNOR FOR OF NEW MEXICO. Her two rivals, Bedonie said, fear she will eat into their support and throw the race to the other. This is the type of bitterness that many GOP folks here in NM always engage in. She is one of at least four Republican candidates running for governor. I look up to the Almighty himself and the Diyiin Dine' teachings. A billboard supporting Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Karen Bedonie is located in Torrance County. By Daniel J. Chacn display: inline; Her voicemail is full and. Tribes need tax revenue. God Bless Bedonie for her bravery! Teresa Leger Fernandez defeated Alexis Martinez Johnson in the general election for U.S. House New Mexico District 3 on November 3, 2020. Time for straight talk from Sen. Heinrich, Lawsuit: ENMU didn't act on athletes' sexual assault allegations, Pass the Sauce and just about every other nickname, Can NMSU be global and homegrown? U.S. Congress | Is she proud for her kids to see this side of her? But it was high pressure, and she says there were liberal studies prerequisites that taught ideas she didnt support, including theories about gender. .widget-row { Ronchettis positions are on par with America First initiatives and hes a decent public speaker. padding-left: 8px; SANTA FE Karen Bedonies day often starts about 4 a.m. By nature, she said, shes an early riser, eager to start work and prepare for a long day of campaigning making calls to supporters, recording online videos and traveling the state to meet voters over a meal. Businesswoman and grassroots Navajo American Indian Karen Bedonie is also running for governor. .results_text { She was first elected in 2018 with 57.2% of the vote. What a loser! Dems Reps Libtards all Axe Grinding Scumbags. padding-left: 10px; background-color: #f4f4f4; } I really spend a lot of time with supporters, Bedonie said. Some Republicans have pushed for Bedonie to drop out of the race, though voting is already underway and the deadline for parties to fill a vacancy on the ballot was Aug. 30. Karen Bedonie is the Libertarian candidate for governor in New Mexico. color: white; color: #6db24f; $('.showResponses').show(); You need political victories, not idiotic vote burning to have it out with NMGOP for failing so often. The graphics on the billboard are alleged to be produced in coordination with the candidate and her committee, the complaint states. font-style: italic; Bedonie records and solidifies her mess. That man cannot win this race. .votebox-scroll-container { Karen Bedonie is a small businesswoman and former candidate for Congress in New . Ronchetti is not a conservative, hes not a New Mexican.

, See also:New Mexico gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial election, 2022, New Mexico gubernatorial election, 2022 (June 7 Republican primary), New Mexico gubernatorial election, 2022 (June 7 Democratic primary). Do you want a spreadsheet of this type of data? If the candidate disagrees with an edit, he or she may request the full removal of the survey response from Ballotpedia.org. And I think the people are ready for that.. Shame on her. The common ground is based on conservatism. DEIJ Policy | Ethics Policy | Privacy Policy. What a friggin mess. I have nothing to do with her.. Published: Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 at 10:12AMUpdated: Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 at 10:33PM. .race_header, .results_text, .results_table_container, .votebox_legend { .non_result_row th { Incumbent Democratic governor Michelle Lujan Grisham won a second term. He will never be governor as long as I am alive and well and in this race. width: 250px; Bedonie says she dedicates much of her campaigning to in-person conversations with voters. Unfortunately, Bedonie inadvertently points out the VERY REAL problem with this upcoming election, and the candidates we have to choose from. But this is f****d up and egotistical and you KNOW IT!!! letter-spacing: 0.03em; Meeting with people in person, she said, is an authentic, effective way to connect with voters. No! background-color: red; background-color: grey; She described herself as 100% pro-life and believes abortion is a form of genocide. background-color: #f9d334; .widget-row.Independent, .widget-row.Nonpartisan, .widget-row.Constitution { } Karen Bedonie defeated Ginger Grider in the Libertarian primary for Governor of New Mexico on June 7, 2022. 89.9 FM Live From The University Of New Mexico, PublishedOctober 13, 2022 at 6:58 PM MDT. In April, the Pion Post had a conversation with Republican congressional candidate for New Mexico's open 3rd District, Karen Bedonie to discuss her run for the U.S. House of Representatives. letter-spacing: .04em; We've been building it from the ground up., When asked what message shes trying to get out to voters ahead of the Nov. 8 election, she said its that shes the option on the ballot that is the pure representation of New Mexico., I am about oil and gas. .key-messages li {margin-bottom: 10px;} position: relative; Im seeing Bedonie Signs popping up everywhere. Six Years Ago, July 24th, 2015: Kris Kobach (KS) 2015 Update background-color: #003388; Bedonie bases her skepticism on her own personal observations. } "Karen Bedonie is not a Libertarian at all, and I'm not gonna have it," write-in candidate Ginger Grider, who has been a Libertarian since 2016, said about her opponent, who switched her party . While the billboard prompted the anti-Gov. Four Years Ago, July 24th, 2017: Kris Kobach (KS) 2017 Update $(".expand-all").on('click', () => { .survey-result {padding:10px;} Bedonie said she has a background in contracting and was a welder. Ive argued for months that she will only pull votes from Ronchetti. font-size: 16px; She denies the accusation. Its way past time to get over whatever butt hurt in the primaries and unite. Bedonie fools herself thinking she can take enough votes away from both candidates to win, but the reality is people against MLG have made up their minds long ago and Bedonies presence just takes away undecided votes from Ronchetti a WHOLE LOT more than it will from MLG! This campaign isnt just about becoming famous, Bedonie said. Karen Bedonie completed Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey. Bedonie said she simply doesnt trust the official results under the current system. } Source. font-size: 1.2em; So I thought, Well, why do I keep fighting this? And so I thought about it and I thought, Okay, there's three major parties in New Mexico, and the Libertarians don't have a candidate.. height: 56px; .results_row td:first-child { Bedonie is a citizen of the Navajo Nation and lives on the New Mexico portion of the reservation. Your email address will not be published. The campaigns have paid particular attention to a few key issues: crime, the economy and education. Shes screwed herself for good now in NM. Bedonie's campaign website stated the following: Karen entirely believes in self-resiliency and individual freedom to chase the individual American Dream. Email addresses are used solely for verification and to speed the verification process for repeat questioners. Karen Bedonie is the Libertarian candidate for governor in New Mexico. As far back as the inception of this state, they drew the lines around my family. A total of seven Democrats and four Republicans were on that ballot. } Bedonie, who initially ran as a Republican before switching her registration to Libertarian, said she draws heavy support from conservative, patriotic voters. (function() { State executives | Choose wisely! You can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribe now to access decluttered news, chosen by you. I'm about the agriculture. She is not taking the hint that her conspiracy-peddling ways have no place in politics, as she has thrown her hat in to the ring as a challenger to Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham in 2022. The primary election is next summer. Its a strategy Bedonie expects will carry her into the Roundhouse as New Mexicos next governor. NANCY: BEDONIE IS ONE OF AT LEAST FOUR REPLIUBCAN CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR. Source New Mexico maintains editorial independence. She says the difficulty of providing for her eight children is what pushed her into politics. font-size: 2em; font-weight: bold; .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper { } Karen Bedonie (Libertarian Party) ran for election for Governor of New Mexico.

She lost in the general election on November 8, 2022. Shes full on admitting shes trying to screw over New Mexicans. She switched party affiliation, she said, because she didnt want to be controlled by party politics or pressured by party leaders. Its about telling the truth of who you are as a person.. } So far, a half-dozen New Mexicans have announced they are running for governor.The Republican field has multiple candidates, including . Vying for the position are Democrat John D. Allen and Republican Paul Pacheco both of whom ran in a crowded primary back in June. margin-top: 0px; One Year Ago, July 24th, 2020: Kris Kobach (KS) 2020 Update } color: black; Contests and special offers from The Santa Fe New Mexican and advertising partners. Unfortunately for her, this poorly thought out plan wont work, Sabel said in a written statement. NANCY: SHE SAYS SHE IS A BUSINESSWOMAN, AND A MOTHER. vertical-align: top; } "I'm a Navajo Native American," she said. How to run for office | } Protect Native American life, lands, water and Sovereignty. . At Coronado Mall in Albuquerque, Bedonie said shed been enjoying being among the people for an afternoon amid a busy campaign. Im about the agriculture. Bedonie hasnt held an elected public office, ensuring, she said, that she is beholden to no special interest. p.survey-question {font-weight:bold;} .contact_office { font-size: 0.8 em; margin-top: 0.6em; margin-bottom: 0em;margin-right: 0.5em;} In the video shared on Twitter, Bedonie says, The only comfort I find in this race is that man (Mark Ronchetti) cannot win with me in the way. Create a password that only you will remember. The People not the party the people. She asked to meet outside the malls bookstore because shes a big reader. They were going to do whatever they could to make sure I didnt make it through into the primaries, she said. So shes decided to be bitter & selfish & screw ALL New Mexicans. "Ronald Reagan was one of the biggest inspirations for me to speak of less government and for the people," she said. The Navajo citizen discussed her message, her views on election fraud and COVID vaccines, as well as the statement she believes her campaign will make on Election Day. American Energy with Safety I used to at least respect her. And we already own our own plumbing company, me and my husband. } Your e-mail address will be used to confirm your account. margin-bottom:0px; Brett Kokinadis, first vice chair of the Republican Party of Santa Fe County, filed the complaint, accusing Bedonies campaign of illegal coordination with an independent expenditure group and other violations. While Libertarian candidate Karen Bedonie is polling in the single digits, and didnt appear in either televised debate, if she pulls enough votes from the major candidates, her support could affect the elections results. margin: 0; background-color: #f9f9f9; overflow-y: hidden; .race_header.green { Contact Editor Shaun Griswold for questions: info@sourcenm.com. a.communitylink { color:black; font-weight:bold; } Bedonie released a 35-minute video explanation on Monday, saying what she meant was she believed Ronchetti was splitting the vote. Sounds like this hateful witch was paid off to split the vote. Our family is the most important thing in my life, and thats what really put me on the political trail because politics began to impact our lives when we couldnt make enough money, she said. color: white; Your email address will not be published. font-weight: 200; Real libertarians know what shes doing and dont support her, like former governor Gary Johnson, who has endorsed Mark Ronchetti in this race.. Im Running for 2022 Governor as an Independent. But then we need to start enriching and creating generational wealth., GET THE MORNING HEADLINES DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX. $(".collapse-all").on('click', () => { font-weight: 100; But Bedonie believes she will win outright, drawing support across the board from Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and independents. Watch her full response here. top: 0px; So, she decided to take a vocational path instead. $('.hideResponses').show(); .widget-key { } Karen Bedonie (Libertarian Party) ran for election for Governor of New Mexico. clearInterval(nTimer); NANCY: BEDONIE SAYS SHE HAS A BACKGROUND IN CONTRACTING, THAT SHE WAS A WELDER, T BUWITH A GROWING FAMILY SHE NOW RUNS A FLOWER SHOP. .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { They have NEVER done Anything to help the citizens all they do is line their pockets. NOW I know why!!

} } The prior approval for use of logos, graphics, or photos would constitute coordination. vertical-align: top; I ended up going into construction technology and I became a supervisor. I dont think anyone knows what Ronchetti really stands for; we ALL KNOW what MLG stands for; and now we know that Bedonie is a Plant. I dont normally go around, even if its a nonpolitical ad, [and disclose the names of] my clients.. The complaint is pending. BEDONIE Governor 2022 and includes a photo of Bedonie and her official campaign logo. } padding-left: 10px; Receive a list of headlines from the latest edition of The New Mexican in your inbox every morning. Lujan Grisham led by eight percentage points in the most recent Journal Poll over Ronchetti 50% to 42%. You can go do your own research and decide for yourself who to vote for. } Five Years Ago, July 24th, 2016: Kris Kobach (KS) 2016 Update Our stories may be republished online or in print under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Folks want Bedonie to drop out of the race so that they will feel better in their belief that maybe Ronchetti wont beat us up as badly as MLG has done. display: block; color: #fff; font-weight: bold; .results_row td { width: 57%; .votebox-covid-disclaimer { An email message containing instructions on how to reset your password has been sent to the e-mail address listed on your account. Sounds like more cheating by the demonic democrap party. padding-left: 0; Disgusting. Apparently Ms. Benoni isnt pro life, or for New Mexico/Mexicans after all. | Sorry, there are no recent results for popular videos. https://armandsrancho.blogspot.com/2022/10/bedonie-outs-herself-as-spoiler.html, MLG flaunts opulence with $368 per plate catered meals at the govs mansion, Dem legislator threatened Edgewood funding over pro-life ordinance, Pastor takes legal action after county commission blocks Natl Day of Prayer. .votebox_legend .non_result_row { font-size: 1.25em; }. Manage the news you want to see, read exclusive content and explore other subscriber benefits. I'm about creating jobs, she said. } In a Journal interview Wednesday, Bedonie said she believes she would win the election outright if it werent conducted with the use of Dominion voting machines. Well, I watched Bedonies clarification. .votebox-results-cell--check { Daily Kos moves in solidarity with the Black community. She said she lives in rural New Mexico, in the northwest corner of the state. .expand-all:hover, .collapse-all:hover {cursor: pointer; text-decoration: underline;} And we already own our own plumbing company, me and my husband. margin-bottom: 1px; Our family is the most important thing in my life, and that's what really put me on the political trail because politics began to impact our lives when we couldn't make enough money, she said. Karen Bedonie finished third in the GOP Primary in 2020 with 27% of the vote. Counties | She was at 3% among Republicans and 1% among Democrats. Good Housekeeping The Best Walmart Deals Worth Shopping in April Including Apple Watches . Editors Note: The Journal this week is publishing profiles on New Mexicos candidates for governor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of the highest profile moments in her campaign came when a Republican Party official filed an ethics complaint, alleging that her campaign illegally coordinated with a group not registered with the states campaign finance system that paid for a billboard in support of Bedonie. .non_result_row { So is Bedonie being paid to split the vote so MLG will win? Email addresses are used solely for verification and to speed the verification process for repeat questioners. The election for governor of New Mexico isn't until next year, but there are already plenty of candidates . } How to vote | } This is a first for me, and Im not really sure I can divulge that information, he said. Look at what youve done now. This is simply your arrogance, bitterness, and narcissism guaranteeing that we, the people of New Mexico, will be forced to endure another term of one of the worst governors in modern history. So far, a half-dozen New Mexicans have announced they are running for governor. Bedonie, a Libertarian, is an unusual candidate for governor. Bedonie is a Wolf in sheep clothing. [1], .votebox { display: inline-block; She said it was those economic ideas, as well as the fact that she is conservative on social issues like opposing abortion access, that made her gravitate toward the Republican Party. color:white; Walsh, 74, previously worked as an education adviser to former Gov. font-weight: bold; padding-left: 0; Weve been building it from the ground up., When asked what message shes trying to get out to voters ahead of the Nov. 8 election, she said its that shes the option on the ballot that is the pure representation of New Mexico., I am about oil and gas. "I always describe myself as an American first. We promise not to spam you. Republican activist Brett Kokinadis has filed an ethics complaint alleging the billboard . But she believes her message appeals broadly to New Mexicans. We love the enchantment. Incumbent Michelle Lujan Grisham defeated Mark Ronchetti and Karen Bedonie in the general election for Governor of New Mexico on November 8, 2022. height: 100%; The results have been certified. 2022 New Mexico Governor Election Results Election Date: Nov. 8, 2022 | Updated 5:37 PM EST Dec. 12, 2022 Governor 99.98% Est. width: 100% })(); See also: Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection. overflow-y: auto; I dont know whos worse. border: 1px solid #999; "I always describe myself as an American first.". The billboard, located along Interstate 40 in Torrance County, states FREEDOM. Bedonie, who had been seeking the Republican nomination for governor, changed her party affiliation Jan. 27. "When the government comes and says, 'We're here to help,' that means you should be really worried. .inner_percentage, .inner_percentage.Nonpartisan, .inner_percentage.Independent, .inner_percentage.Constitution, .inner_percentage.unknown { If you are a candidate and would like to tell readers and voters more about why they should vote for you, FUNDAMENTAL LAW IN RESPECT TO GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, EFFICIENT COUNTY CLERK OPERATIONS FOR LEGAL AND CLEAN ELECTIONS, ENDING MISSING AND MURDERED INDIGENOUS WOMEN, ENDING CHILD TRAFFICKING, ABUSE AND NEGLECT, SUPPORTING QUALITY EDUCATION AND QUALITY TEACHERS, WORKING FOR NEW MEXICO PROSPERITY VIA SMALL BUSINESS SUSTAINMENT AND SUPPORT, SUPPORTING NEW MEXICO ENERGY- A PLAN THAT ENCOMPASSES ALL ENERGY, SUPPORTING NEW MEXICO RESOURCES INCLUDING COAL AND METALS MINING, SUPPORTING NEW MEXICO AGRICULTURE AND FARMING, SUPPORTING NEW MEXICO LUMBER INDUSTRY TO CLEAN OUR FORESTS, SUPPORTING NEW MEXICO BEEF AND CATTLE INDUSTRY, A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT WITH THE USE OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT, SUPPORT OF TRADITIONAL FUELS OF NEW MEXICO, END THE SHIPMENT OF HOMELESS FROM OTHER STATES. Libertarian my ass! $('.collapse').collapse('show'); She has put 180,000 miles on her SUV, she said, to reach every dot on the map. [Michelle Lujan Grisham] wont even admit that., One commenter wrote, Ive been really nice. margin-right: 10px; Its AWESOME!!! But in an interview, asked to identify some of the issues important to her, Bedonie said she would: Ensure taxpayer funding isnt used to support abortion. She lives in the Mexican Springs area of the Navajo Nation, where shes a tribal member. .widget-row.Green { One person wrote, Infuriating! width: 100%; .contact_entity {font-size: 1.0em ;margin-top: 0.6em; margin-bottom: 0em; margin-right: 0.5em;} Bedonies support was highest at 14% among independent, Libertarian and minor party voters. The general election is in the fall. Bedonie doesnt seam to have anything more than anger, a list of grievances, and a list of people she wants to take down. Karen Bedonie is the Libertarian candidate for governor in New Mexico. Its not about party.. David Raybould, managing member of the advertising company, declined to disclose who paid for the billboard without consulting with his attorney first. .votebox_legend { She says the difficulty of providing for her eight children is what pushed her into politics. Ronchetti spokesman Ryan Sabel said its obvious Bedonie is in the race to help Lujan Grisham. } Your real name will be displayed next to your photo for comments, blog posts, and more! Published: Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 at 9:02PMUpdated: Wednesday, September 28th, 2022 at 12:02AM. Vote Counted *Incumbent County-By-County Results Map Democratic. } max-height: 580px; Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. line-height: 1.5em; padding-bottom: 5px; .inner_percentage { Come to Source NM for fresh reporting, insightful opinion and analysis from around the state. They were going to do whatever they could to make sure I didn't make it through into the primaries, she said. Youre literally hurting the New Mexican families you claim to help by doing this. font-size: 20px; you know it!!!! That man cannot win this race. $('.hideResponses').on('click', () => { NM conservatives: @BedonieTough just ADMITTED to splitting the vote & helping ensure @Michelle4NM gets another term. The announcement video, which features inter-spliced photographs of Bedonie holding a rife, posing with law enforcers, her husband, and her family, portrayed her campaigns focuses on a family, faith, and freedoms-based message. With the right to an abortion now up to each state, and numerous surrounding states imposing total or partial bans, New Mexico has become a safe harbor in the Southwest for those seeking and providing abortion care. This page was current at the end of the individual's last campaign covered by Ballotpedia. This is not only a violation of the individual or individuals who funded the independent expenditures but also of the Karen Bedonie for New Mexico Campaign Committee..

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