Unbelievable since I had already started processing out. RRT Successful Sent two fixed ones back Cleared Dispensary, Re-up NCO, Supply, Sunday, December 19, 1971 Long Thanh North, Sgt Krouse is following me. This is one of the Air Force aircraft that brought badly needed supplies to Viet Nam. See the article in its original context from. Returned to Long Thanh, 1 mission DCS, 038, 2 hrs, Saturday, September 4, 1971 Long Thanh North, Long Binh Supposed to go to NaTrang but turned back, Monday, May 3, 1971 Da Nang OFF (Letter Home) A high number of casualties were Vietnamese civilians living in a village just east of DaNang Air Base. He now lives in Fort Collins and is active in state and local veterans affairs. (Letter Home) just before takeoff, Send any friend a story. (Letter Home) So wing maintainers and aircrews modified the mounting of an external 20-millimeter Gatling gun pod on the F-4Cs used for ground attack for use in air-to-air combat, and in less than a month, starting on May 14, 1967, the wings pilots had scored four MiG kills. Shows a night time Vietcong rocket attack, just after midnight, July 15, 1967, on the United States Air Force flight line and barracks areas at the Da Nang Airbase in Vietnam. Half day off Capt. Rick Vaughnes is in the center, and at right in back is motion picture photographer Sgt. I was getting a 30 day drop and would be leaving Vietnam around Christmas Day, on Satellite 061 China Beach today, got a whole stack of mail today, Monday, February 15, 1971 Da Nang Da Nang = Da Nang Air Base and the city of Da Nang. It was used as an aerial firetruck by using an underslung pod. Off rest of day, Tuesday, December 14, 1971 Long Thanh North (Letter Home) (Letter Home) up 2 pm Left 90th at 10:30 to 2nd Signal Group headquarters, Saturday, Jan 30, 1971 Long Thanh North Had picture taken for flight record Radio banks back from Phu Loi, Saturday, April 24, 1971 Long Thanh North This is me processing out for emergency leave after getting word that my mother had died. (Letter Home) This photo was taken during an airborne assault by Vietnamese troops into a hot LZ northwest of Saigon. Went HOT 9 am, on station 10:30 am Attempted repair All but middle ok, no xmit, Tuesday, July 6, 1971 Long Thanh North No mail (nothing), Monday, April 12, 1971 Long Thanh North, Long Binh Got payed $348 Log one extra, stopped Sanford for fuel, Long Thanh no power Burm detail laying concertina wire, Saturday, July 10, 1971 Long Thanh North Got two sets of nomex liferized today (Letter Home) Also provided here are links directly to (Letter Home) A summary of these attacks can be found on the Web site of the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing. (Letter Home) Put radios in plane that came up Put UHF control head in 009, Saturday, May 22, 1971 Long Thanh North Headcount Rigged 000, 013, 061 for Relay standby to Da Nang Kelm and Harrelson left today, Saturday, March 27, 1971 Da Nang On the night of 28 March General Trng received intelligence that an all-out PAVN assault against the city would commence the next morning and he decided to abandon Da Nang and ordered his forces to move to beaches for evacuation by sea. (Letter Home) (Letter Home) SAIGON, South Vietnam, Saturday, July 15-Enemy gunners blasted the huge American air base at Danang with 50 rounds of rocket fire early this morning, killing 12 United States servicemen and wound- ing 40, the military command announced. Mission on standby, Friday, October 15, 1971 Long Than North Nng CSC in 1971. Nui Ba Den, Tay Ninh, Wednesday, October 13, 1971 Long Thanh North Got magazines to Da Nang Detail = doing grunt work just about anywhere (Letter Home) Got 4 RT's and 3 more Amps, Sunday, July 25, 1971 Vung Tau Sylvester = radio relay operator Replace radars in two planes, Saturday, May 15, 1971 Long Thanh North No fly, standby (nothing). Checked radio banks all day President Nixon denied the next day that there were U.S. troops on the ground in Cambodia, so these photos were never released. (Letter Home) (Letter Home) Arrived at 10:30, 1 mission 2 hrs. (Letter Home) Night shift Avionics, Tuesday, October 19, 1971 Long Thanh North start flying tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 30, 1971 Da Nang (Letter Home) (Letter Home) Guard Duty, Saturday, June 19, 1971 Long Thanh North Left Ft. Dix 8:00, Tuesday, Jan 26, 1971 Bien Hoa Test flight 009 for pictures (Letter Home) The number of enemy attacks throughout the remainder of the conflict earned Da Nang Air Base its well-deserved nickname: During it's final months in Southeast Asia before returning to the United States the wing earned it's second, 352nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, F-100D/F, deployed from the 354th TFW (Tail Code: VM), 389th Tactical Fighter Squadron, F-4C, component of the 366th TFW, 614th Tactical Fighter Squadron, F-100D/F, deployed from the 401st TFW (Tail Code: VP), 615th Tactical Fighter Squadron, F-100D/F, deployed from the 401st TFW (Tail Code: VZ). Put roll of slide film in Gunfighter PX, Friday, March 5, 1971 Da Nang, Phu Bai (Letter Home) Worked Afternoon and till 11:30 pm, Sunday, November 14, 1971 Long Thanh North ** The first two attacks on DaNang were by mortars. The 362 TEWS Latrine. Burm detail, Wednesday, May 26, 1971 Long Thanh North 15 min. Open to all Vietnam Veterans that served at DA NANG Air Base of ROCKET CITY from 1971-1972. This photo was taken of a Vietnamese Air Force pilot flying an A-37 on a ground support mission. 1 mission, 5 hrs 15 min. Checked set of banks for cipher She was a very kind and caring lady. Put on standby 9 pm, Friday, August 20, 1971 Da Nang (no diary entries) (It was on the 18th I found out As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Went to Long Binh and put in for TDY to Nha Trang, Vung Tau and Da Nang, Sunday, September 5, 1971 Long Thanh North [ Rod Carbone photo ] (Letter Home) Hooked front bank as middle band with 3rd as spare, Monday, May 17, 1971 Long Thanh North 30 min. Saw 'Rascals' at RPI Kinzel = pilot North (Letter Home) It was very heavily fortified and had a great air conditioning system which was a welcome luxury. Seacord = radio relay operator (Letter Home) Clipping found in Del Rio News Herald in Del Rio, Texas on Jul 5, 1971. (Letter Home) (Letter Home) A summary of these attacks can be found on the Web site of the 366th Tactical. Long Binh = airfield and military base Gunfighter Village = Air force compound in Da Nang Standby Duff and Currin went south this morning Attack on Da Nang Air Base, RVN, by Monty Moore Da Nang AB was nicknamed "Rocket City" due to the large number of attacks by 122mm and 140mm rockets. 12 AMERICANS DIE IN ROCKET ATTACK ON DANANG BASE; 40 Wounded and 6 Planes Destroyed Foe Raids a Jail, Freeing Prisoners 12 AMERICANS DIE IN ROCKET ATTACK July 15, 1967 The New York Times. Left 90th by C-130 to 510th Replacent in Da Nang, Friday, December 24, 1971 Da Nang Put radar antenna in 061, Saturday, June 26, 1971 Long Thanh North Got magazines in mail today, Wednesday, March 10, 1971 Da Nang comings and goings of my fellow GI's all received equal and matter of fact Flew test flight 009, still unsuccessful, Saigon no answer Arrived Pleiku, Monday, October 25, 1971 Pleiku Good show at club, Sunday, August 8, 1971 Long Thanh North Supposed to be on burm detail but cancelled Guard midnight Saturday to 6 am on Sunday morning Clip: 65675029937. 1 mission, 009, 4 hr 45 min. (Letter Home) (nothing), Friday, February 19, 1971 Da Nang (Letter Home) (Letter Home) unit. Night shift Avionics, Thursday, October 28, 1971 Long Thanh North occasionally things get blown up. Sgt. (Letter Home) (Letter Home) it interesting that the latest movie or show I saw, the mail I got, the missions (Letter Home) (Letter Home) Here are general views of wrecked C 130s, on July 25th, following a Viet Cong rocket attack of Danang air base. redistributed. Saw 'the Undefeated' at M AFC, Wednesday, May 5, 1971 Da Nang Beckman came, Murphy left, Sunday, August 29, 1971 Da Nang (Letter Home) Beckman says they will mail TDY money, Sunday, September 26, 1971 Long Thanh North Took radar out of 061, de-rigged 013 and 038 (Letter Home) **** TET 1968 Off morning (Letter Home) Supply detail till 11:30 am (Letter Home) Arrived Long Thanh 3:30 pm via Tuy Hoa Rocket attack, Tuesday, April 27, 1971 Da Nang 1 mission, 5 hours, up at 10 am, put on standby, Thursday, February 4, 1971 Da Nang 1 mission, 5 hours, up 3:30 am in Satellite 038 Naval Academy, and made a career in naval intelligence. The barracks next door had taken a direct hit from a V.C. Shortly after this photo was taken we were escorted to the base commander by the air police. Completed lesson 2 of USAFI course, Friday, June 25, 1971 Long Thanh North Avionics 1 mission, 4 hrs. Got pictures back from PX and mailed them home, Tuesday, February 16, 1971 Da Nang Checked some more problems with racks A very important place. Saw "Grasshopper" at main compound, Saturday, March 13, 1971 Da Nang (Letter Home) # Not in AF records, submitted by members, # Not in AF records, submitted by members, Air Base Defense in the Republic of Vietnam, 1960-1973. (Letter Home) My letters home were verbose, but in stark contrast the daily Company party OFF, Saturday, December 18, 1971 Long Thanh North Avionics, Thursday, August 12, 1971 Long Thanh North, Vung Tau CO = commanding officer, the big cheese Alert 5:30 pm - 11 pm, Thursday, May 20, 1971 Long Thanh North OFF, Monday, November 15, 1971 Long Thanh North off morning, Avionics afternoon OFF This is a digitized version of an article from The Timess print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. (Letter Home) I experienced rocket attacks, an ammunition dump explosion, total boredom, drug busts, police raids, China Beach, and the birth of my daughter, Rebecca. 000, Monday, June 21, 1971 Nha Trang Got papers for drivers license ABC news covering the rocket attack July 5 1971 on Gunfighter reserved. The camera was a new Nikon F2 and I was as green in combat photography as the camera. Saw 'Joe' at MAFC (Letter Home) (Letter Sat in avionics shop all day, Wednesday April 14, 1971 Long Thanh North, Long Binh Scary. In February 1965, while at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, the wing began converting to the new F-4C Phantom II. (Letter Home) Zip band in evening, Monday, October 11, 1971 Long Thanh North (Letter Home) Saturday, June 5, 1971 Da Nang July 1967, Vietnam War, U.S. Air Force, . The same aircraft in the photo above releases two bombs on an NVA truck park on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the jungle below. (Letter Home) Bill was the primary photographer for the 7th Air Force News in 1970-71. (Letter Home) A United States spokesman also reported that two helicop ters were shot down by ground fire while on reconnaissance missions in northern Thuathiert Province, about two miles east of the Laotian border. (Letter Home) (Letter Home) Put radios in Satellite 027 this morning, club= enlisted man's club on base China Beach today 30 min. 10 min. Status still questionable (Letter Home) (Letter Home) (Letter Home) never took off, Friday, March 12, 1971 Da Nang DaNang Air Base was known as "rocket city" for the number of attacks that occurred there between 1965 and 1973. Saw 'A new leaf' at MAFC Saw ' Danger Diabolic" at RPI, Thursday, August 26, 1971 Da Nang On March 27, 1967, DaNang came under another 120mm rocket attack. Got pictures from Wards Found problems in xmode connectors on Cont. Headcount, Monday, December 13, 1971 Long Thanh North (Letter Home) One of the guys in our hut was pretty clever when it came to "finding" items of comfort, provided we gave up some of our rationed items. Asked for my mail today, Wednesday, July 21, 1971 Vung Tau By 4 pm had two banks working secure, Friday, July 16, 1971 Vung Tau R&U detail building APO (post office) As I recall I finally left Vietnam on the day after Christmas Got 2 packages today I assume it was a hit on one of the POL areas judging from the heavy black smoke. I assume it was a hit on one of the POL areas judging from the heavy black smoke. (Letter Home) Sent $100 money order home Took flight physical, Tuesday, March 2, 1971 Long Than North stopped at Tuy Hoa, Sunday, February 7, 1971 Long Thanh North Missed USO show at 5 pm (Letter Home) Put 2 mike cords in choppers, Tuesday, May 11, 1971 Long Thanh North, Long Binh Standby at 7:30 pm. (Letter Home) Select from premium Da Nang Air Base of the highest quality. Rigged 027, Thursday, July 1, 1971 Long Thanh North, Long Binh Headcount, Saturday, December 11, 1971 Long Thanh North Da Nang Air Base ( Vietnamese: Cn c khng qun Nng) (1930s-1975) (also known as Da Nang Airfield, Tourane Airfield or Tourane Air Base) was a French Air Force and later Republic of Vietnam Air Force (RVNAF) facility located in the city of Da Nang, Vietnam.
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