Zipporah was one of them. Here where we see in the Book of Jasher the same history documented in the Josephus histories. The Rabbis explain that Moses sent Zipporah to her fathers house in Midian only out of fear that Egyptian servitude would harm her. Rabbah 5:8). So the answer to the question, whether or not Moses married an Ethiopian has been answered, and the answer is, Yes! The Patriachs who had multiple wives never sought these wives out, except for Solomon and the results were negative in his case. We would have to read it and compare, and the Spirit should lead you, Shalom. Jewish Women's Archive. [12][bettersourceneeded], "Cushite woman" becomes in the Greek Septuagint and Aethiopissa in the Latin Vulgate Bible version (4th century). When the daughters of Reuel, a Midianite priest, were being harassed, Moses helped them. She has a blog on Zipporah the Midianite was a descendant of Midian, Abraham's son by his third wife Keturah. And Aaron said to Moses, Oh, my lord, do not punish us because we have d15one foolishly and have sinned. Im happy you discovered something new. Times 106 (1995): 203205. [citation needed], Moses' wife is referred to as a "Cushite woman" in Numbers 12. Like many other prominent biblical characters, Zipporah is depicted in several works of art. Your question refers to Numbers 12:1 that states his mate was a Cushite, a term often used to refer to African nations. The midrash discloses that the existence of normal marital relations is important for a woman, and constitutes a significant part of her femininity and her self-perception. In Numbers 12:1, Moses wife became the apparent reason for Miriam and Aaron's rebellion against Moses. "the written Torah." Yael Wife of Heber The Kenite: Midrash and Aggadah, The Shalvi/Hyman Encyclopedia of Jewish Women, Copyright 19982023, Jewish Women's Archive. This passage can be difficult to understand, and different thinkers and theologians have various interpretations of what happened here. At the age of forty, Moses killed an Egyptian he saw abusing a Hebrew. She became the mother of Gershom and Eliezer, Moses' children. I am so excited to get this information. The most popular incident is when Moses is challenged by Aaron and Miriam, because of his marriage to an Ethiopian woman (Numbers 12:1). Jethro was one of the magicians of Egypt, and when he saw Pharaohs staff with its magical symbols, he desired it and took it. Moses first wife was Adoniah (Tharbis) and his second wife was Zipporah. It is unclear whether she remained with Moses or returned to Midian. Wm. Thanks for the expository (article). 1920). Most. What can be understood is that Moses had not had his son circumcised eight days after his birth, neglecting his covenant responsibility as a descendent of Abraham. At the well, she met Moses, who was fleeing from Egypt and from Pharaoh's judgment after he . Note that God makes no distinction between those who are Israelites and those who are "strangers" (Gentiles, aliens, sojourners, those who were not of Israel by "race") in regard to the need to offer sacrifices, the ability to receive forgiveness of sins, and even the punishment for presumptuous sins! : 247 Inspiration. The first sign of trouble came when Moses set off to Egypt after forty years of exile. Yocheved was the youngest member of the seventy souls who made up Jacob's household. So even though I have always hated the idea of divorce, no matter how much she drove me nuts or didnt step up to the plate when it came to our family, I patiently accepted her for who she was because she was the woman I chose, even though our relationship didnt start in Gods way, and now maybe God is rewarding me for that patience. What mattered was whether the "stranger" or non-Israelite was willing to be obedient to God's laws and thus become a citizen of Israel. Zipporah had compassion on Moses and brought him bread and water. Countertraditions As with other major Biblical figures, the venue of the first encounter between Moses and Zipporah, his future wife, was beside a well (Ex. Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 2011. Moses' First Wife - Zipporah Moses was an exile. Answer (1 of 4): This is a very difficult Question to answer because this portion of Moses' life is pretty much presented in A-B-C straightforward chronological fashion, emphasizing only the order in which events occurred and giving very little credence or point of reference to the exact year(s) . His father-in-law eventually brought Zipporah and her children to Moses, but he doesn't seem to have been happy to see her (via Jewish Women's Archive). It is always good to study the Scriptures deeper and further. She heroically saves Moses and her sons from a random attack from an angel by cutting off her son's foreskin; the explanation for this act is unclear. This article really cleared things up (so thank you ) but I was confused in regards to you saying that Adoniah and Moses consummated the marriage because in Yasher 74 :31- 38 it explains how he never had sex with her because of Exodus 34:11-16 and genesis 9:22-27. When Moses asked Jethro to marry his daughter Zipporah, Jethro had told him: If you accept the thing that I will tell you, then I will give her in marriage to you. Moses asked: What is this thing? To which Jethro replied: The first son born to you shall be for idolatry, and your following sons will be for Heaven. Moses accepted Jethros condition (Mehilta de-Rabbi Ishmael Masekhta de-Amalek, Yitro 1). They will be prophets, and they will withdraw from their wives, as my husband withdrew from me. Thus Miriam learned that Moses abstained from relations with Zipporah, and she told this to Aaron (Tanhuma, Zav 13). After the Giving of the Torah she-bi-khetav: Lit. Before the Giving of the Torah, God ordered Moses to sanctify the people, and he said to them (Ex. See e.g. of Moses' wife. They were also bring the commanded sacrificial offerings when they committed sins of ignorance. Moses goes out to greet Jethro and takes him into his tent, but nothing is said about his greeting Zipporah. Thank you! Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, came with his sons and his wife to Moses in the wilderness where he was encamped at the mountain of God. The expression "Cushite woman" is used disparagingly against Moses because he . This article helped to throw more light on issues and matters concerning one of the Biblical figures Moses. Her private life is revealed by chance when her pain bursts forth and she unfolds her feelings before Miriam. This passage reveals that sometime after the exit from Egypt, Zipporah gave birth to another son named Eliezer, and was either sent back, or returned to Midian to be with her father. and to be the occasion of the great danger the Ethiopians were in, when they had before boasted of their great achievements, she fell deeply in love with him; and upon the prevalency of that passion, sent to him the most faithful of all her servants to discourse with him about their marriage. what is biblical or not) were not Hebrews, they slaughtered the Hebrews. 19:15): Be ready for the third day: do not go near a woman. All Israel withdrew from their wives, and Moses withdrew from his wife. Bible commentaries disagree whether this verse in Numbers refers to the race or originating people of Moses' first wife or to a second one he had after Zipporah died. After Zipporah performed the circumcision, she took the foreskin and touched his legs (v. 25). Bless you and i will keep on follow and read the Word until i understand more. He asks him: Moses, where were you all these years? To which Moses answers: In Midian. Aaron further asks him: Who are these children and women with you? Moses replies: My wife and my sons. Aaron continued to question him: And where are you taking them? The answer: To Egypt. Aaron then tells him: We are grieving for the first ones [the Israelites who are enslaved in Egypt], and now shall we grieve for these, as well? Moses accordingly orders Zipporah: Go to your fathers house. Zipporah then departs for her fathers home, taking her two sons (Mehilta de-Rabbi Ishmael, Masekhta de-Amalek, Yitro 1). Some women are beautiful in their youth but are repulsive in their old age. The midrash explains how Moses and Zipporah could have had a son who had not been circumcised. This is the first time I have heard that Moses had an Ethiopian wife! I wouldnt call Jasher non biblical. This stick was passed down until it reached Abraham, then Jacob took it. However, the stories of some of the women of the Bible continue to resonate, despite only minor appearances. Shalvi/Hyman Encyclopedia of Jewish Women. Exodus 12:1-3, Exodus 12:10-15. Thank you! On their way, at a night encampment, The Lord met him [Moses] and tried to kill him(Exod 4:24). And not for a few months as Moses may have assumed. She heroically saves Moses and her sons from a random attack from an angel by cutting off her sons foreskin; the explanation for this act is unclear. In thanks, Jethro--known as the Priest of Midian--invited him to stay in his camp, and gave him Zipporah to marry. He went to Jethro and asked: Give me your daughter Zipporah in marriage. Jethro replied: Do you want to do to me what your ancestor Jacob did? In the Bible, women are often praised when they are obedient but they sometimes disappear from the text after giving birth or getting married. The details of the passage are unclear and subject to debate. No sooner was the agreement made, but it took effect immediately; and when Moses had cut off the Ethiopians, he gave thanks to God, and consummated his marriage, and led the Egyptians back to their own land. "Zipporah: Midrash and Aggadah." [9][10] One interpretation is that the wife is Zipporah, and that she was referred to as a Cushite though she was a Midianite, because of her beauty. Here you can see that Moses married an Ethiopian called Adoniah (Tharbis): Above Moses married his first wife the Ethiopian Adoniah (Tharbis), when he was around twenty-seven (Jasher 73:2) years old. Zipporah was left all but divorced. Being married to a person with a passion or calling can be hard: Zipporahs husband confronted the most powerful ruler in the world at the time, saw God so much he was physically changed, and led people through the wilderness for forty years. Moses and the latter met at the mountain of God when Moses was on his way to Egypt (Ex. Now we know that Moses was married to Adoniah (Tharbis), by just simply understanding the history of Israel, we can say that Moses was married twice. Let her not be as one dead, whose flesh is half eaten away when he comes out of his mother's womb. And Moses cried to the Lord, O God, please heal herplease. But the Lord said to Moses, If her father had but spit in her face, should she not be shamed seven days? 31 And they placed the royal crown upon his head, and they gave him for a wife Adoniah the Cushite queen, wife of Kikianus. monthly parking cambridge, ma, cold cases in miami, florida, why must we learn to duel now rowan,
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